Yhip’s Bakery on board Wiltshire B/day Dominoes

Yhip’s Bakery on board Wiltshire B/day Dominoes

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This Sunday’s Birth Anniversary Dominoes Competition, which will be played in honour of Mark ‘Jumbie’ Wiltshire, received a timely boost when Yhip’s Bakery on Robb Street, Bourda added its name to the list of sponsors, during a simple ceremony that was conducted at the entity’s location.
Making the presentation to Wiltshire was John Yhip, General Manager of the establishment that has been serving the nation for over 70 years.
Yhip, who celebrated his birth anniversary this week, said because of his love for the game he had no hesitation in offering support to Wiltshire.
“Me and my brother Troy has been involved in the game for a number of years and even though our participation has been reduced in recent years our love for the game has never diminished,” Yhip stated.
Wiltshire in his response thanked the brothers for their support, adding that his association with them started a number of years back.
He promised that the tournament will be executed in a manner that will be appreciated by the sponsors.
Over $300,000 in prize monies and trophies will be up for grabs with the winning team set to receive $175,000 and the winner’s trophy, while second, third, fourth and fifth place finishers will take home $80,000, $40,000, $20,000 and $10,000 along with trophies respectively.
Wiltshire said the tournament will run on a points system, while all the Guyana National Dominoes Federation rules will be in effect.
Most Valuable Player of the finals will receive $5,000, while the Best Female Player in the tournament will be given $10,000.
All prizes are guaranteed and the Organisers have stated that zero tolerance for indiscipline will also be in effect.
Entrance fee is $12,000 per team and interested teams can contact Wiltshire on tele#655-5855.
Only teams that pay will be allowed to play according to the Organiser.
Turning Point Sports Bar is the venue for the competition.
There will be an after domino Oldies with Big P and Revolution One Man Band.
Bar-b-que will be on sale at a cost of $1,000.
Among the other sponsors on board are: Sweet Point, Big Boss Trucking Service, Hopkinson Mining, Strikers DC, Dynasty Restaurant, N&H Car Rental, Tony’s Jewellery, Faye Joseph and Spartans.

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