Xtreme Clean & Maintenance Co. / GT Beer ‘Gold Rush’ Futsal Tournament

Xtreme Clean & Maintenance Co. / GT Beer ‘Gold Rush’ Futsal Tournament … Pulsating encounters highlight Night 2 as action heats up

May 29, 2017 Sports, http://www.kaieteurnewsonline....-as-action-heats-up/

– round robin segment commenced last evening

Spectators and supporters of the various community teams got their monies worth on the second night of action in the inaugural Xtreme Clean & Maintenance Co. / GT Beer ‘Gold Rush’ Futsal Tournament which continued on Saturday night, at the National Gymnasium.

Once again a large turnout witnessed some pulsating encounters as teams’ battle for places in the round robin stage which begun last evening.
From the start of the night’s action, Broad Street Bullies had to pull out all the stops to ward off a determined challenge from Buxton Diamond, making their debut in Georgetown.
In the end, the experienced Broad Street Bullies escaped with a narrow 2-1 win thanks to goals from Darren Benjamin in the third minute and Daniel Favourite’s winner, one minute from full time.
Delon Wright had given Buxton hope when he equalised in the 14th minute of play.
However, the game of the night was the clash between another debutant, Plaisance and Alexander Village which required sudden death penalty shootout to determine the winner after regulation and extra times failed to unlock a 4-4 stalemate.
Another game that produced fireworks was the Tucville versus Melanie ‘B’ affair which the former prevailed 5-4 despite a heroic performance from William Europe, who slammed in four goals.
Other teams booking their spots in the next phase following wins were Bent Street, Back Circle and Future Stars.
Future Stars, an off-shoot of Broad Street Bullies looked in delightful form during their 5-1 demolition of the up and coming North East La Penitence and have now positioned themselves as one of the favourites to go all the way.
Bent Street and Back Circle oozed confidence and eased to comfortable victories, making it difficult for pundits to pick a winner.
The winning team will take away $500,000 and the winning trophy, while second, third and fourth placed teams take home $200,000, $100,000 and $50,000 respectively.
Meanwhile, ladies have the opportunity to shoot for a pennyweight of gold or its equivalent every night.

The night’s full results are seen below:
Game 1
Buxton 1- Broad Street Bullies 2
Broad Street
Darren Benjamin 3
Daniel Favorite 19
Delon  Wright 14

Game 2
Tucville 5- Melanie  ‘B’ 4
Ryan Hackett 7, 16,  17Jermain  Junor 1
Jahal Greaves 7
Melanie ‘B’
Williams Europe 9, 15, 18, 19

Game 3
Plaisance 4- Alexander Village 4
Alexander Village
Shem Porter 17
Kevin Gordon 3, 13, 25
Dwayne Ali 5, 15
Kelvin Bowen 19
Gavin  Collymore 22
Plaisance won 3-2 sudden death kicks

Game 4
Bent Street 3-Campbellville  United 1
Bent Street
Okanie Fraser 13
Travis Lyken  14, 15
Steffon  Ramsey 8

Game 5
Future Stars 5- North East La Penitence 1
Future Stars
Jamal Cozier 3
Keron  Solomon 17,19
Kevin Cummings 20
Akeemo  Anthony  20
North East La Penitence
Junior Jordan 8

Game 6
North Ruimveldt 1-West Front Road ‘Gold is Money’ 1
North Ruimveldt
Joshua Browne 9
West Front Road
Hubert Pedro 4
North Ruimveldt won 3-2 on penalty kicks

Game 7
Back Circle 3- Globe Yard 0
Back Circle
Selwyn Williams 19
Jermaine  Beckles  9
Jamal Adams 16


Back Circle
Tiger Bay
North Ruimveldt

Broad Street
Future Stars
Bent Street

Last night’s matchups were
Game-1-Tucville vs Sophia
Game-2-Bent Street vs Plaisance
Game-3-North Ruimveldt vs Tiger Bay
Game-4-Broad Street vs Future Stars
Game-5-Back Circle vs Albouystown
Game-6-Agricola vs Sparta

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