Dave posted:

the WI players shows no sprit in the field, like them can’t wait fo the game done. 


True.  Long gone are the 70s and the 80s when WI played with a passion.  Its really hard to be interested in cricket so its no surprise that the kids in the Caribbean are no longer interested.

That's the end of the round-robin stage of the 2019 World Cup. Andile pumps his fist, Tahir and Duminy fittingly lead South Africa off the field. So, they end their World Cup on seventh - above Bangladesh - with seven points. Warner and Carey threatened a jailbreak after the early loss of wickets, but South Africa had enough in their tank to deny them. This means India finish on top and will face New Zealand in the first semi-final in at Old Trafford while Australia will play England in the second semi-final at Edgbaston.

The dragon has been slayed. What a game of cricket. NZ came to play today. I counted 4 loose deliveries, great fielding, superb bowling. I always know if the clouds ore out, overcast and the ball is swinging and moving around India will always be in trouble.

Jadeja was brilliant, Pant did well and Pandhya could have done more. Bhai Dhoni is NOT his old self and I think it is time for him to call it quits.

Amral posted:

Dhoni gone. Now it's over Anjali 

Ga I only saw the early part of the game  but will watch the highlights.....I am very happy NZ won and hope they can go all the way. Having said that I feel for India, they were so dominating until now when it counts. This is a heartbreaking one. I have not read any news yet but wonder what is going on in India?

Australia has the best chance to win this world cup for the sixth time.  I don't see NZ beating Australia or England. Anything can happen in cricket.   The New Zealanders have never won a world cup and I hope they do this time.  They were the favorite to win 1992 when they were taken out by the Pakistanis.  Good Luck to the Black Caps.  They deserve a world cup win. 

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