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Baseman posted:
ksazma posted:

Bai, we already up but that website doesn't work well in America. My brothers in law pay for year round cricket on tv. They still follow cricket while I am not really a regular follower of it. I clicked on one of those servers and Norton lit up telling me that it is filled with gremlins. 

You need satellite.

Bin dere, dun dat. Had first fixed satellite back in 1996 and back and forth between Dish and Directv until around 2012 when I went to Uverse and for the past 3+ years with Xfinity. I know I can buy Willow but Cricket doesn't interest me that much. The games are generally during the day when I still have to go do my minimum wage laborer job so it wouldn't make any sense anyway. 

ksazma posted:
Amral posted:

Well as it is now Pakistan is back in 5th spot.

Someone said tonight that they think India threw the game today. I don't know why any team would do that but stranger things have happened. 

β€œSomeone” is correct. It was done to keep Pakistan out of the standings. Strategy game there by India.

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