A video has surfaced and is circulating on social media of a woman confronting a man in some drinking place in the company of his friends and slapping him in "Kung Fu Panda" style.

In one of the few act of abusive against men that have been captured on video, which is very prevalent but elusive, because of men's unwillingness to report such matters in fear of being shamed by authorities and/or other persons who find out.

The extent of the abuse was not only physical, but verbal, in the form of death threats, the woman then went on to rant about no body being able to do anything.

Well mam I must say, this is your first experience of the "Court of Public Opinion" and when you see how people really feel about your actions, you will care.



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Them slap that en easy ... i had to feel me face rass a few times ... and me fell confuse.

Me hear she looking fo wan man to marry she and bring she a foreign - 

Nehru... i see yo sweet  homan left you, padna .. wha yo think about she. 

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