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Try PC Cleaner, Seiggy! It might help, if your PC is recognized! I would like to know the source of what you claim! My mother-in-law said her mother claimed to be a Brahmin! I'm a skeptic! Human nature, y'know!

I doan think all Brahmin were rich and land owners before the Raj. The Raj employed Brahmins to conive trickery on ppl who worked the land. Before all lands were under the control of pancyat as communical property, thousand of years ago. It moved into systems as the place got invaded and rulers imposed their systems for taxations. The Brahmins took control by the British system of Zamindaries, they became Zamindars and had the lesser caste worked the same land they owned in ancients.  The lands were not maintained by the new owners and so famine came, starvation affected everyone. Everybody was ketching dey azz, suh who could run, run. Regardless of caste.

When and why did the British first choose to invade India?

The British first landed in India in Surat for the purpose of trade. Here’s how and why a simple trading company, the British East India Company, became one of the biggest challenges the subcontinent had ever dealt with.

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The British first landed in India in Surat for the purpose of trade.
The British landed in India in Surat on August 24, 1608. While India has a rich and recorded history going back 4000 years to the Indus Valley Civilisation in Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro, Britain had no indigenous written language until the 9th century almost 3000 years after India. Then how was it possible for the British to start capturing this huge country and control it from 1757 to 1947?

In 1763, Britain went to war with France and soon every European monarchy was embroiled in it, treaties forced them into it. The Dutch took advantage of the situation and seized Potuguese and Spanish domains. 

The Brits were victorious in that war and soon the Globe became red. Their victory made demands on France, Holland, Portugal and any other European nations occuping lands in India to hand over their territories.

In Berbice, Kofi would know of the war, being a House Slave just as the House slaves of the Demerara Slave Revolt followed the Emancipation. All Europeans were concerned no matter where they lived on the planet, it was the talk.

Britain had lots of boats to ferry Englishmen to far off places.

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