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Joseph Robinette Biden Jr -- Joe Biden -- will be the nest POTUS.

An interesting election on November 03, 2020.

But Trump might use the mail-in ballots and his stacked supreme court to delay transfer of power.  He knows the consequence of losing, thus his vibrant unsafe campaign : A one man show.

If he loses, it will be a shameful defeat, that is uncharacteristic of his personality.   

For the sake of this nation, I pray that it is Joe Biden that wins this.

I have been volunteering my time to get out the vote. When I tell you the type of voter suppression going on in the USA, you will not believe me. "They" intentionally try to disenfranchise the poor communities, feeding them with all sorts of misinformation. There are also massive amounts of voter intimidation going on - from robot calls feeding people blatant lies and "concerned citizens" deciding to publicly brandish rifles and handguns in and around polling stations. This is America, ladies and gents.

I pray for you and your family's safety before, during and most definitely after November 3rd. Guyana's own PPP/Jagdeo ain't got nothing on the Republicans.

Get out and VOTE!

Django - will there be a Presidential Watch/Results thread?

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