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Monday to Friday I rode my bicycle (constant or as now called, fixie) from Leopold and Water St to Starlite cinema and back as cycle training. Some days I rode to Banks Brewery area, (don't remember what that area is called..jus thought might be Diamond)

Weekends I'd ride to the base (airport) and back, that was a good long ride.

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I never went to a drive-in movie in Guyana.

long time ago we stayed at a cottage near wasaga beach near blue mountain area and a group of us went to a drive-in….have no memory what I saw since I was more focused on my kids. My son and his gf often go to a drive-in not very far from us

oh yes Irfon looks like dat  cainstah  used to ride a lot. So ride a lot mean long life? Ummm never mind πŸ˜€

Yes, I recall that very vividly. I lived in a little village that my great grandfather once owned…all his sons married and lived there with a few β€˜outsiders’ and all of them had plenty sons.  There is a public school in that village with a β€˜ball field’.. I could see the boys and even my dad and others playing ball.

What about marbles, rounders and skip rope? oh those were girl gamesπŸ˜ƒ

@Mitwah posted:

That's a tough route. I remember the hills and valleys and bridges overs the streams.   I lived not too far from Rice Lake.

It was one of the better rides for me..rolling hills except when we hit the highway (don't recall which) the wind was brutal. The guy who came in first stopped for a couple minutes to have a we all filled up our water bottles.

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