When Exxon done wid Guyana you can’t even fry kakabelly

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If people not careful, when Exxon dun wid Guyana you wouldn’t have a drop of oil to fry a banga mary; kakabelly or ride a bike. That is wha dem boys certain about.

Dem boys gun tell you why dem really think so. A quick question fuh you to answer. If a man come to marry you daughter, wha is de fuss thing you gun do?

If a man come and tell yuh he believe that yuh backyard full of gold and diamond and that you and yuh family gun get very, very rich if you allow him to dig it up fuh share wid you wha you gun do again?

De man also tell yuh that yuh don’t have to do nutten, because he gat de money fuh buy the excavators and he also got the expertise to bring up the diamond and gold. Wha is de next thing you gun do?

You have to check out de man background to see if he is a scamp like dem African and Guyanese politicians and if he gat the money he seh he gat fuh do the job.

Dem boys seh when you dig into the man’s background you find out that he is a man who not even a dog can trust wid he bone, how he rob people in every village he been to.

Yuh end up finding out that everybody backyard he find gold and diamond he cheat the people and getaway.

As a matter of fact you find out when he leave the people backyard, dem more poor than when he enter de yard. Wid that info, dem boys want to know if yuh would still gun tie bundle wid such a man?

Would you strike a deal wid him or right away you gun kick de bastard out immediately and leff yuh damn gold and diamond right deh?

Well, dem boys seh that is the problem Guyana find itself in with ExxonMobil. That company tell Guyana find how much billion barrel of oil it find. And how it gun get filthy rich overnight.

From de time it mek de announcement that Guyana gun get filthy rich, people start sport. Dem kill fowl, duck, sheep, goat, cow and cook. At one stage Banks DIH and DDL didn’t have likker to supply Guyana. Is man, woman and child was sporting every day.

Some people give up dem citizenship in America and Canada and come back. But is when dem hear de background of de people dem run back.

Background checks prove that every country wheh ExxonMobil been to, it rob de people blind. America still sending walking stick and sunshades fuh some of dem blind people.

ExxonMobil also leff the people poorer than when dem went and meet dem. You might want to ask why de people allow de company in de country in de fuss place and did not chase dem out. De company bribe de presidents and full all the politicians’ pockets and bank accounts.

Then de company run away wid all de oil. It didn’t even lef oil fuh grease de donkey cart wheel.

Allow dem in Guyana without proper safeguard you wouldn’t have oil to fry kakabelly much less banga mary

Talk half and demand that Soulja Bai and that scamp Jagdeo don’t allow that to happen to Guyana.

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