What superheros would look like with realistic bodies

Important Attribution Request re: “What superheros would look like with realistic bodies”


Hi to the team at Guyana News,


I'm reaching out on behalf of Recovery.org regarding an article posted on the Guyana News and Information website, "What superheros would look like with realistic bodies." (https://guyana.hoop.la/topic/wh...ith-realistic-bodies)


Your article clearly mentions an original report produced by my team. However, it does not link to the full report, as per our fair use policy. It would be really helpful for your audience to see the research in its entirety - not to mention, my team worked very hard to produce it, so they would really appreciate this.


We ask that you please add a link to the full report via this URL:

http://www.recovery.org/learn/...hopping-superheroes/ so your audience can enjoy our original findings in full.


Please let me know if there is someone else I should contact regarding this important issue.


Thank you,

Jason Warley

I got an updated email



I’m a member of the Recovery.org creative team. I’d like to express my appreciation for featuring our study, Reverse Photoshop (link - http://www.recovery.org/learn/...hopping-superheroes/) on your post, https://guyana.hoop.la/topic/wh...ith-realistic-bodies . Hopefully it created a good amount of buzz among your audience.


I know it’s a bit late but I’d like to ask for your help. Would you mind editing your post and put the link to our study so that your readers can have more information about the creators of the project? To make things easier for you, I suggest you link to http://www.recovery.org/ and to http://www.recovery.org/learn/...hopping-superheroes/ .


I would really appreciate it if you could inform me if there’s an update to the post. I’ll follow up in the next few days.



Elizabeth Miller

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