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When the word investment arises, a barrage of questions passes through: Where to invest? How to invest? How much to invest? What will be the result? Is it safe? When we decide to secure our capital, these are some of the basic questions that strike our mind.

To secure our finances, investment is a must. Investments are usually of two types – short-term and long-term. If you are looking for quick returns in a short span of time, then short-term investments are ideal. Let us learn about it in depth.  

What are short-term investments?

Short-term investments provide returns in a year or even months. Such plans are more focused on achieving your future financial plans instantly.

Some of the key features of the short-term investments are:

  • Quick turnaround
  • Optimum return for minimum investment
  • High liquidity
  • Lesser risk

What are some of the best short-term investment options in the Indian market?

  • Gold/silver: They are sure to offer you high returns as the price of gold/silver keeps soaring every day. So, if you are looking for secured and risk-free investment, then gold/silver is the best solution.
  • Savings account: The risk-averse investors can consider savings account. The returns are substantial and provide high liquidity. Note, different banks offer savings account at different interest rates.
  • Debt instruments: Another brilliant idea for risk-free individuals are debt instruments. Debt mutual funds are great for securing capital and providing excellent results, with no fear of market volatility.
  • Large-cap mutual funds: Here the investments are made selectively on the stocks of reputed organisations to achieve substantial growth in a short period. You can receive decent returns in 1 to 3 years of investment.

Stock market: Those who possess good market knowledge can opt for the route of the share market, commodities and derivatives. Depending on your objective, you can invest in short-term or long-term.

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