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Two vehicles sold by GRA for pittance, PPP calls on GRA and Minister Jordan to explain

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) moments ago, questioned the sale of vehicles under the want-of-entry initiative and other vehicles seized by the Guyana Revenue Authority.

According to the PPP, β€œFor a while now we have been calling on Commissioner General of the Guyana Revenue Authority(GRA) to release information related to the disposal of want-of-entry and other vehicles that were seized by the GRA. Over 300 vehicles have been sold without going to tender or public auction. The beneficiaries of this scheme, which has resulted in the loss of billions of dollars, are mostly government officials and their relatives and other individuals connected to the APNU+AFC.”

Two instances of sale under want-of-entry disclosed by the PPP are: β€œRegistration number PWW 9601. Registration date: May 21st, 2018. Registered to Yanic Jordan, whose address is listed as Lot 94 Sugarcane Street, South Ruimveldt Gardens, which happens to be the same address as Minister of Finance Winston Jordan.”

β€œRegistration number PWW 9602. Registration date: May 21st, 2018 as well. Registered to George Jordan whose address is listed as Lot 13 Durban Street, Georgetown.”

Notably, the PPP stated that β€œIt is interesting to note that both vehicles were registered on the same date and carry sequential registration numbers. No information is provided on the part of the registration document where is says β€œcustom details”.”

Further, β€œThere was no publication in relation to the sale of these two vehicles in the official Gazette as is required if they were sold by way of public auction. They were sold for $250,000. The GRA falls within the portfolio of Minister of Finance Winston Jordan. He therefore needs to explain this situation urgently.”

The PPP stated that β€œThis scandal runs deep and this latest revelation explains the GRA’s resistance to our calls for an audit of the disposal of all want-of-entry and other seized vehicles. In fact we have repeatedly called on Commissioner General, Godfrey Statia, to make public all information related to this matter. Information such as who they were sold to and at what price, a call which we restate at this time.”

Notably, just last month (June 13, 2019) a request for an investigation was made to the Police Commissioner, Leslie James, by People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) Member of Parliament (MP), Juan Edghill, into fraud involving a top People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) member.

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo disclosed that two Toyota Land Cruisers, bearing Venezuelan registration plates, seized by the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) in Lethem, Region 9, ended up in the possession of a PNCR member.

He added that the vehicles were seized in May 2018, but then had a backdated registration, dated March 14, 2019, before they were handed over to the PNCR officials.

β€œThere is a big racket here…luxury vehicles seized and not registered in the want of entry logs…they are kept off books and given out…this racket runs into millions,” he said.

Prince posted:

I am waiting to watch 20 sleepy Joes and Josephines, Joe the plumber and sleepy Joe Biden start debating on nothing.   Even if I want to change my vote, none of these people couldn't impress me. Nehru, I am sorry for you.  

You talk sheer skoant. Can't wait for that Madray lady to buss you balls and rub salt and peppah on dem.

Hey hey hey...we Garmount bai get he fact right yasuh dis buddy juss come back fram Guyana and he seh how Jordan family runnin racket wid de seize vehicle. Dem peopkle only selling de vehicle to dem blackman mattie...dem tekkin dem own reparation like we bai Eric hey hey. Me buddy frenno apply foh one and dem sell it to dem mattie...hey hey hey. Wonder what dem one lover and social cohesion bai like green salipenta and reflux tink...hey hey hey. 

Nehru posted:

Base, yuh Buddy satia giving away seized vehicles to Jordan and the PNC Families and Friends for PENNIES!! Those THIEVES are shameless, immoral and are no better than Blackie and Fineman. In fact, the entire Govt from top to bottom are two bit thieves.


Base, be careful who you call friend, good man or whatever!!!!!!!!

Mi watching and observing!

Nehru posted:

You see he did not sell to the Kanta Professor so now where will he run to. He tried PPP, KFC, Ravi, Pavi and Lave, he get kicked from one to the other like lap cloth but he still trying

Hey hey hey...meh hear Jordan and he family...Philip and de land man Benn too...doing juss like we Garmount bai and Jagdoe and Irfaan want do. Hey hey hey...

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