Wha ain’t happen in 23 years happen in two

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De coalition deh in power fuh two years and just like everybody else, dem boys tek notice. When de other party come to office dem boys did tek notice too. Of course dem was de days when people did find things hard.

De next thing you know is that Papa Desi complain how Papa Cheddi come in and digging up de pitch. But as soon as he come in Papa Cheddi mek dem business people lower de exchange rate. When that happen was madness because dem smart Alex run and buy because dem know it couldn’t last.

Papa Cheddi nearly cry when after three days de exchange rate go back up. That is when people sell off and mek money. But Papa Cheddi mek nuff people got house lots fuh little or nutten. That is how Sophia and Tuschen and place like that grow.

Dem boys check pun Jagdeo and dem see how he give people land fuh housing. Of course Jagdeo do wha Papa Cheddi didn’t think about doing. He start to sell de house lots fuh nuff money so till he messenger use to mek entries in books wid pencil. Nuff figures rub out and new one put back.

Now dem boys looking back and suddenly dem realize that dem got to do some comparison because dem don’t side wid no political party. When dem mek de comparison dem find that de new boys do more than dem older guys, including Jagdeo.

All of a sudden dem boys seeing people getting charge fuh crime and de people who getting charge is not de ordinary people. Big ones who thief or do stupidness ending up in court. Criminals getting ketch more than ever.

Georgetown looking nice again after two years when Jagdeo couldn’t mek that happen in 23 years. Even de place smelling good because all de garbage gone. Dem boys remember when every road corner had garbage. That gone fuh good.

Old people got a saying that wha don’t happen in a year does happen in a day. Dem boys saying wha didn’t happen in 23 years happen in two.

Talk half and don’t compare chalk to cheese.

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