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D2 posted:

 They already had a good US numbers firm which was able to reach directly down to households. I am sure they can do it. 


The Democrats thought that they had a guaranteed win in 2016 based on superior technology.  

But then (as I suspected) many older white men in the Midwest who had previously voted Obama TWICE shifted to Trump. And many blacks in urban areas in the Midwest stayed home, this costing the Dems Wisconsin and Michigan.

It is clear that APNU is lacking a grass roots strategy and its known that the AFC never had any.  The PPP base exhibit more slavish characteristics than does the PNC base, so are more easily manipulated. Right now the PNC base thinks that Granger has done nothing for them and they think that Harmon (and others) only play around with rich Indians and Portuguese (the oligarch class). 

Volda is clumsily trying to pander to them in her recent rant, but people will want to see results.  And of course who knows who was turned off by this behavior that some fear might signal a re-emergence of Burnhamesque qualities.

So I am not going to offer any predictions because all 3 major parties have serious issues.

caribny posted:
Drugb posted:

Sitting in your armchair in the West and pronouncing on the plight of the Guyanese people is not the most accurate vantage point. You may want to procure from your handlers a road trip to Guyana where you can get firsthand feedback from the public rather than playing armchair quarterback.

Given the turn out in the LGE was abysmal (34% vs 47% a mere 2 years ago) I suggest to you that none of the parties can boast of strong support.

You can run around your Indo KKK bunch and buy roti for a few black people so that they can lie to you but these are the facts.

I wonder what can the Black KKK buy for the Indos to get their votes, nothing, they are broke and broken with despair.


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