Wedding Food Traditions Around the World


Wedding traditions vary extensively from culture to culture, many of which revolve around food. From unique wedding cakes to symbolic dishes, check out these customary wedding foods from around the globe.



BermudaIn Bermuda, wedding cakes are icing-covered works of art, decorated with silver leaf for the bride and gold for the groom. The cakes are topped with a live cedar sapling, which the bride and groom are meant to plant together to symbolize how their love will grow.

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ItalyGuests at an Italian wedding will traditionally be given a small decorative bag containing five sugar-coated almonds (sometimes called "Jordan almonds"), the sweet coating contrasting with the bitter almonds remind us of the bitter-sweetness of life and, by extension, marriage. While the number may not always be five, it must always be an odd number, as an even number of almonds would be seen as unlucky.


VietnamMade from tapioca and mung beans, and wrapped in a decorative green banana leaf, this dessert known as Banh Xu Xe is a traditional food served at weddings in Vietnam. Loosely translated as "conjugal cake," the cake symbolizes the stickiness of the marital connection between husband and wife. The golden tapioca filling represents the "golden heart" that beats within the bride and groom as they pledge their loyalty and faithfulness to each other.


IrelandA traditional favourite at Irish weddings, whiskey cake isn't that dissimilar from a British fruitcake — but with loads of whiskey added to the mix. Typically, only the top tier of a wedding cake will be made of whiskey cake. It's also traditional for the couple to save a piece to be enjoyed together upon the birth of their first child.

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