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Thank you Prashad, dragon is amazing and I'm very interested at least in the potential of discovering the unknown with my schizophrenia applied. I feel that part of their research requires disabling the spirit and that worries me somewhat.

I recently added an LED to a wall clock for seconds indication because the second hand was too hard for the clock to turn. This happened to a previous wall clock I had also and I had to throw it away. The aliens are doing something with the power of the conscience that made the second hand fail and as you know if the second hand fails the hour and the minute will not work. On the video the flickering LED was due to the phones proximity because of the magnetic field probably by the magnet on the speaker due to my movement.


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The clock looks like it has the Guyana coat of arms in the video and I don't know how that's possible. It is definitely not visible to me when I look at it off of the wall.

I believe love is occurring as a loss of time with the action of the body creating love and fear-I'm trying to see what causes the debilitating anxiety I suffer with and the paranoia helps greatly. The nasa website is very relaxing at this stage of my illness. I used a different application for my website from Yahoo which was confusing at first because the intuition wouldn't register in my mind at what I was seeing on the screen. Https://

Sacrificing me with mental illness was worth it aliens, you made the right decision. I am honored that you chose me to serve you.

20:22H NY, USA.

November 20, 2020

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