"Walter" save us please!

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Listen bannas, that banna dead long time ago.  His faithful followers, likes of Clive Thomas, are now in the belly of the beast part-taking in the new era of oppression.

Which goes to show how bad the PPP was.

Imagine people who were almost killed by the PNC, folks like David HindTes, Bonita Harris, Andaiye, Roopnarain, now embedded with APNU.

It is rank PPP racism which is responsible for this!  Which is why I know that you would have NEVER supported a President Walter Rodney.

tell me bro, is there anytime within the last 50 years that East Indians done anything worthy in Guyana?

why u hate us so? Priya said you hate us-you all just hate us. I beginning to believe her.

For all that bickering, don't u think partition would be a favorable solution?

Seignet continues to be high, mentally insane, or drunk. So rambles without the slightest coherence.

Seignet say something nice about Afro Guyanese.  You always paint us as lay, violent, unproductive, and as a people who should be cursed by God into unending poverty.

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 Caribj in EVERY post has alot to say about the racism of Indoes. We argue that we are not.

Oh yes. You argue that Indos are not racist by screaming that blacks are violent, savage, unproductive, and are the only racists in Guyana.

Funny way of showing that Indians aren't racist!

seignet posted:
Caribj in EVERY post has alot to say about the racism of Indoes.We argue that we are not. This discussion has no solutions, but we go onwith it for over 20 years. Exactly the same discussion.
....and you don't realize why no solution to this?        I do.

"Guyana is doomed until they can find another Walter Rodney type leader – A young leader that transcends the racial divide and can relate to today’s generation. The decrepit caricatures currently leading or trying to form the next government are nothing but a joke and anyone who thinks they can change things for the better in Gy is delusional."



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