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We have to untest the truth to restore the physical integrity of the physical. The untest happens with a memory loss of feelings. Walking back from where you came from is an untesting condition as you stress your mind with matter trying to figure out what is happening. Time does not reverse because of the cross of Jesus and because of this the truth controls the physical unchanging. By removing bodily contact of the physical we are untesting the truth. Making contact is the test. When you use a scale to check your weight that is a test and when you get off the scale that is the untest that can restore your body. The objective is to disbelieve God and remove his power on man. I don't know how to verify my belief right now but the aliens does not want us to know certain things for their safety and our safety. It is possible with mental powers that your own mind can destroy your own body out of control because unknown things that we are unaware of are being associated with thoughts which can cause undesired physical changes. Since you all are not schizophrenics I think you can clearly see the implications of what I am writing and can ascertain a solution to my query. Please enlighten me of your understanding, I would be very grateful. 

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Banna, I left my hash pipe on a bench outside my home, I come back, baddam, it gone, I thought it could be aliens. I walked back from where I left from and eh eh, Iman suddenly realised it was in my pocket the whole time...jus like Afroman, because I got high, because I got high, because I was high-h-hhhh

Ketch ma drift? I hope this helps.

It is imperative to untest the truth, untest the untruth, test the truth and test the untruth to record empirical evidence of untruth and truth to establish a correlation between the physical unchanging and the frequency of Cain's visits and the impact of that frequency on the closing of both Scanty's in North York and Caddy's in Scarborough.

cain posted:

Whoa! Caddys closed?

Banna, about 20 years ago I took my last alcoholic drink in that place. I guess you could say I am now untesting the brewskis.

If I may add that seems logical. Hopefully you will be rewarded with the meaning of untesting alcohol. I'm not a drinker but in the past my father used to ask me to take a drink with him. I would take one drink only sometimes with him. Today  I may have a beer every two months but that may be on the street corner because I cannot drink it where I live. I have to keep the can in a bag so the police wouldn't approach me. A beer is cheaper than a can of soda and is healthier for the body right. I am glad I have self discipline to not drink a lot or smoke a lot. There are bars in town but a beer there might be at least $4. If you have a fridge you can afford to drink at home. You should be proud of your sobriety or abstinence  Kane and I'm sure you are proud. I reasoned today that I cannot look at women's body as sexual because if I do that I would look at all women that way and that will prevent me from being friends with them and I'm proud of that reasoning. 

According to my reasoning as we move about between each other and the material world we are parting the emotion into physical time and mental time. We have to untest the condition so that the emotion can be restored but unfortunately people are going around in a frenzy wondering what happened in their relationship with the world  as they try to create sense of the recombination of physical time and mental time with the untest of time. 

Letters on the phone are jumping around as I type and I have to make corrections. I assume whoever they are they are trying to change the words by mixing different intelligences with the touch of the finger on the phone allowing the thought to travel through matter causing a transformation of meaning for some use. There must be a bipolar meaning which is good and bad. 

In life we are dealing with positive or forward  mathematics calculations of movement. The reverse computation of mathematical movement is not being revealed and this is why we get cancer and we get old and have to struggle learning things. The homosexuals can do the reverse computation somehow. I sodomized myself long ago for about 5 years and because of that the enemy cannot use the reverse computation of what I did so I have power over them and I don't feel guilty now because that was meant to happen. The truth will now be forced to reveal the truth and the truth about love will be known. Normally my thoughts are reverted and when that does not happen the anxiety attack occurs. If this is difficult to read for some of you please pardon me and understand that I am a schizophrenic. 

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