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November 24 ,2020


Guyana has been placed on the United States’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ‘very high’ COVID-19 risk list and has warned against traveling here.

The CDC on its website said, “Travelers should avoid all travel to Guyana. Travel may increase your chance of getting and spreading COVID-19”
However, the CDC noted that it persons must travel to Guyana, they must get tested with a viral test 1–3 days before your trip.
“Do not travel if you are waiting for test results, test positive, or are sick. Follow all entry requirements for your destination and provide any required or requested health information.

During travel, wear a mask, stay at least 6 feet from people who are not traveling with you, wash your hands often or use hand sanitizer, and watch your health for signs of illness,” the advisory said.

Additionally, the CDC advised that before returning to the United States, persons must be tested with a viral test 1–3 days before travel. “After you travel, get tested 3–5 days after travel AND stay home for 7 days after travel. If you don’t get tested, it’s safest to stay home for 14 days,” the advisory said.
The CDC said if travelers had a known exposure to COVID-19 while traveling, “delay travel, quarantine from other people for 14 days after your last known exposure, get tested, and monitor your health.”

As of Monday, Guyana recorded 21 new cases of COVID-19 taking the number of persons infected with the disease since March to 5, 154 cases. Eight persons are currently in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) while there have been 146 deaths.

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I believe that it is more dangerous to travel to the USA. They have a President who is insane and who said that COVID-19 is a hoax. That President lost a state in the elections by over 135,000 votes and still said that he won. He reminds me of Granger.

US is the number one for highest infection and death in the world due to Covid19 they need to implement stricter controls within the US.

Guyana needs to curtail its culture of lawlessness and apply a total lock down for at least Three weeks, mandate the wearing of face masks even in public.

Covid doesnt give a dam whether you are family, friends, workmates, it takes everyone out equally and unfortunately many people think with their hearts and not their heads and in so doing put those same people they are anxious to be with, in peril or to put it bluntly, they are to be blamed for the death of their loved ones.

I recently spoke with someone (63 yrs old) who has been invited to spend Christmas in Toronto (now a Covid hotspot) with his son and family. I mentioned exactly what I posted here and he came back with the most absurd statement, " our Premier spoke about not spending time with family during our (Canada's) Thanksgiving and he turned around and spent it with his family at their cottage"

I told him to take trump as an example of a idiot who refuses to follow protocol and which for some asinine reason, his followers follow and now many of them never got the chance to vote for him because they are now dead. Dead because they followed a fool. If he does head down there I hope I never have to do business with him for a while if he is lucky to make it through.

I believe when China came up with this virus ( I say this because those people ate everything in sight throughout the ages now suddenly just after trump pulled Obama's CDC people out of China..Whoa! Covid from eating bats,...plleaseee gimme a break. This is the only thing I agree with trump on) they addressed it to Mr and Mrs Idiot. Unfortunately, innocent people are also being affected.

On the Stephen Colbert Show, Glenn Close lavished praise on the heroes at the CDC about the work her father did in the 1970s to help stop one of the first Ebola outbreaks in the world; he wrote some books. At the end of the you-tube clip she spoke lovingly about my work colleague. Brilliant and talented lady; I've seen all her movies.

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