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The American government has two parties to use us as matchmakers for them. When everything is cool that means that matchmaking is occurring efficiently as we are fooled. Irregular movements of comparison can  unmatch things for independent self control.

Love is a major Matchmaker but it could be a bad thing especially when used by God. You have four wheels on your cars and maybe you can make one wheel a different type but the same size. They are using the incoherent transparency of the mind to merge physical things to cancel the integrity of the man-made. My mental illness has caused a great revelation. I am stuck with a truth that has to change for the sake of man.

Hare Krishna


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Oi Ron, if you're able to make it to Vienna, banna you'd be in your glory leh me tell you, yeh.  An owner of a brothel there has quite a deal going. He shows off his women workers and offers a deal of if a guy receives a Covid jab done on site he gets to pick his choice of ..ahem..the wares...he then receives half hour free..ahem..wares. Jouck fo' jouck so to speak.

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The front and back angle of the mind is changing concurrently cause a cancellation of memories with subtraction like with double doors as you go in and out between them holding both doors open at the same time. I hope the computer catches those responsible for this. Our house has double front and back doors that has to be held together to open.

The gays can handle this more easily without being negatively affected by the physical conditions. I am not sure what you mean Cain by your post above but I am certain you are correct. I know however that the evil that is deceiving this word are homosexuals. Love of God has to do with sodomy.

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