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Two dead after Alberttown knife fight

The knife left at Fifth Street, Alberttown, which was allegedly used by the individual only identified as ‘Rasta Man’ [Shamar Meusa photo)
The knife left at Fifth Street, Alberttown, which was allegedly used by the individual only identified as ‘Rasta Man’ (Shamar Meusa photo)

Two men are now dead after stabbing each other during a fight last night in Alberttown, Georgetown.

The fatal encounter occurred around 9.15 pm along Fifth Street, Alberttown. Up to press time, the men were only identified by family members as “Jermaine” (only name given) and “Rasta Man” by persons who reside in the area.

Persons at the scene told Stabroek News that the two men got into an argument at Fifth Street and it turned physical, leading both men to draw knives and inflict injuries on each other.

Spatters of blood at different parts of Fifth Street, Alberttown alongside broken glass bottles, a hat, slippers and a knife in the aftermath of the deadly encounter (Shamar Meusa photo)

One eyewitness who did not want to be named said that he saw one of the two men running out from a yard and throwing glass bottles at the other.  The man further reported that after the bottles were thrown, the two men got into a fight and dealt each other multiple stab wounds. “The man run out from the yard… with a setta bottles and start shying at a man inside deh. Next  thing you know, the man run out from inside there and the two of them collide down deh (in front of D&J Shipping Services in Fifth Street),” he said. 

The eyewitness explained that while “Rasta Man” was left lying in Fifth Street, the other man, who was later identified by family members as “Jermaine,” ran and later collapsed just at the intersection of Cummings an Fifth Street, Alberttown. He noted that persons in the vicinity at D&J Shipping Services were able to transport

The knife in the right hand of the man identified as Jermaine. (Shamar Meusa photo)

‘Rasta Man’ to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he subsequently died. While adding that he was shocked after witnessing the incident, he noted that the two men live obliquely opposite each other in Fifth Street. A trail of blood was seen from Fifth Street, along Cummings Street to the spot where the other body was found.

The scene left persons who resided in the area in shock as none of them could have identified the young man before the police and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) covered the body. He was pronounced dead on the spot by the EMTs and was left lying face up at the intersection clutching a small knife in his right hand.

Relatives turned up at the scene and only identified the young man as Jermaine to Stabroek News and noted that he had just left their home in Kitty. One relative, when asked, stated that to her knowledge he did not have any problems with anyone in the Alberttown community. The distraught family members were left in tears as they identified the body on the scene.

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