Trotty mek people frighten to rent dem house

Trotty mek people frighten to rent dem house

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Sometimes people does bright till dem stupid. Nuff of dem suh bright dat when dem talk nobody does understand dem.

Tek Ministah Raphael Gregory Conwright Trotman. De Ministry of de Presidency website spell out de man qualification.

De website seh ee spend much of he young days studying law, International Relations, Security, and Development Economics. He dedicate much of his adult life to serving he country.

His academic achievements include a Bachelor’s degree in Law (LLB) from the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados; Legal Education Certificate (LEC) from Hugh Wooding Law School in Trinidad and Tobago; a Master of Arts Degree in International Relations (Security & Development Economics) from the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, Tufts University, USA; a Post Graduate Certificate in Mediation from the Harvard Law School, USA and a Post Graduate Certificate in Defence Planning & Resource Management from the National Defense University, USA.

Now dem boys want to know if a man who gat all dis qualification behind his name, how on earth he can sign dat OIL CONTRACT?

Dis contract seh Guyana has to pay legal fees plus de judgement in any lawsuit brought against ExxonMobil

Not even a Prep A student would sign such an agreement. Suh is two things happen here. Is either he was sleeping through de lectures at de Universities or he was awakened by Exxon cash.

And dem boys going to dem grave believing is de last one—Exxon cash.

Soulja Bai and all ee wise men round him can’t tek demself out from dis agreement. It’s a downright life sentence fuh all Guyana.

De contract seh if Exxon is taken before the court anywhere in the world fuh something dat happen in Guyana, we have to foot the lawyers’ bill plus the judgement handed down.

Wha dat means is like a man rent he house and de tenant pelt the neighbour house and bruck up ee chandelier, windows and glass door.

And de neighbour sue.

You the landlord got to pay the tenant lawyer fees and if he lose the case you also have de neighbour fuh all de damages wha de court order.

Have u ever heard such a skunk like dat?

It ain’t done there yet. Dis minister wid all dem certificate displayed behind his name sign dat, if there ever be an oil spill dat can cause damage anywhere in de region, including Guyana, we have to pay.

Dis is like if the tenant bun down the village or de town, de landlord got to foot the bill.

Talk half and check to see if Soulja Bai Cabinet ain’t sign over to Exxon.

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