well well well
glad to see others in CARICOM waking up to the monster that is the PPP
for the record & easily verifiable in Guyana papers
jagdeo's current spokesman in chief caught on tape soliciting sex from a 16 yr old boy
same presidential spokesman visa revoked [child molestation]
current minister of home affairs usa visa revoked [visa rackets, cocaine connections]
former minister of home affairs usa visa revoked [cocaine, death squads]
current commissioner of police usa visa revoked [drug connections]
former commissioner of police usa visa revoked
current minister of health [bought spy equipment for cocaine mogul, death squad leader kidnapped and jailed in usa]
junior minister of health [sexually assaulted 16 yr old. family and police forced to withdraw charges]
billions of state assets and land transferred to ppp friends and family
president jagdeo shipping 28 containers of 'stuff' for ed ahmad charged in usa with multi million dollar real estate fraud. fbi had to remove ed from guyana bound plane
this is only the tip of the tip of the ice berg of ppp crimes
The PPP destroy Guysuco...the cane cutters....destroy the rice industry.....The rice farmers....The only good that the PPP did and I would not hesitate to commend them for this is that they make Guyana white sugar (white lady, white gold, white powder) very popular............jagdeo will soopn get a free helicopter ride for this
Originally posted by Tola:
Reports like this makes Trinis and others in the Caribbean treat Guyanese like crap and when its done by a Guyanese government leader, it is that much more worst.
The PPP is supposed to build relationships, not destroy it.


These type od reports and the mistreatment of Guyanes started during the Burnham/PNC dictatorship and has continued if not supassed due to the PPP Gov't.
Time to Vote the PPP out of office!!!
Originally posted by warrior:
Originally posted by caribj:
Well they cant vote in Guyana. Only the intellectual crowd will care what the Tnd Express says.

Dont think the PPP lost any votes because of this.
you codone what is wrong because you is a ppp supporter.i hope you dont have children

The notion of me drinking PPP is funny. An "Indo hater" like me supporting a racist Indo party. And I remind them how racist they are daily. I also remind them how thuggish they are to admit PNC thugs in their midst. But I am a "PPP". Hmmmm. How funny.

Any way I forecast you will be blaming the population of Guyana rather than being honest about the flawed campaign strategies of the AFC.

Me a "PPP". panman partybanana lol cheers

You must be a "PNC" because those are the only people who ahve called me that.

Just face facts about where the Guyanese population is. They see all politicians as corrupt. So the PPPites can call me PNC or AFC. The AFCites can call me PNC or PPP and the PNCites can xcall me PPP and AFC.

Thats doesnt change the facts. The opposition parties are weak. and have campaigned poorly. The PPP is outsmarting them, as all expected, and so in a low turn out they will win.

The best that can be hoped for is a PPP win with under 50%.

Now call em a "PPP" for hoping they get less than 50% of the votes and see how illogical you are. This putting the PPP in a position where they will get nothing done, and can be dumped by an AFC/PNC, jointly voting no confidence and forcing elections just about when Ramotar has shown how incompetent he is.

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