To All members on GNI - Let us have a civil debate on the topic of Radical.

As everyone on GNI knows, Yuji is a Conservative and has conservative views.

Now, there has been a lot of talk of Radical Islam and then a Mahabharata War starts.

First, I am of the opinion that there is no such thing as Radical Islam. 

There is such a thing as a radical interpretation of Islam by a very small but dangerous group of so called muslims who are responsible for the hate and spread of hate of others across the middle east and the world.

The attacks of 911 is a reminder of the extent of hate that these sick individuals can unleash on peace loving citizens of the world. The situation in the middle east is also an example of this where innocent Muslim citizens have to suffer in the Millions.

I  assume that the term radical Islam is incorrectly used and as such, peace loving Muslims are angered when this happens since all Muslims are painted with an unfair brush.

There has to be debate on this matter where both sides can engage in civil dialogue so that we can all move forward to correctly identify the very sick bunch of tiny individuals who have incorrectly interpreted Islam and are causing this great divide.

Until then, I appeal for posters to desist from using the term Radical Islam and perhaps describe this group of individuals who are creating trouble all over the world as Insane.

There is a beautiful mosque in the city of Vaughan which I pass by most days of the week and as I chant the names of Krsna, I quietly recite the word Bismillah as I pass by the Mosque. My grandfather instructed me to do so whenever I pass by a Mosque since I was a boy and I have taught my Bramhan son to do the same.

Muslim citizens in this affluent city are outstanding and may of them have a sticker on their vehicles which states "Love for All Hatred for None"


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Trump top army man said every muslim is dipped in Satan's blood. Do you believe that?

I would not go that far!

Like fatwa don't work again. In the past, you would be sentence to death to insult Muslims and Allah.

Islam is either radical or not but cannot be both. Everyone is free to chose how they want to see it. While Muslims can be affected by those who see Islam as radical, many more Muslims are affected by radical Muslims. It may be a challenging time to be a Muslim but Muslims just can't forsake their religion because of the beliefs and actions of those two groups mentioned.

For the record, Islam does not have any 'ism'. Flynn's purpose is to malign Islam similar to those who insist on referring to Islam as radical Islam. While there are aspects of any religion that can be misunderstood, there are many aspects of any religion that lead their adherents to good and noble actions. If Flynn's purpose is to malign Islam, he should step back and consider that others can easily say that he worships someone who was born to a woman out of wedlock who refused to say who his father is.

Islam is not a religion. It is a political entity which subjects the conquered to pay exhorbitant taxes and subjected to prejudices unless comfirmation follows. It came out of Saudi Arabia with its First Jihad conquering the Christian lands of Syria, Bhagdad, Egypt and Palestine. Its Second Jihad took all of North Africa, Constantinole, Southern Spain and the Balkans. Similar to the First Jihad, the penalaties were the same for the conquered, rights were taken away.

The Mongols moved against the sea of converts who merely a few thousand when they marched out of Saudi Arabia. The millions were subjected to barabry ways of the Mongols. But, in the end, the Mongols copied their political systems and belief.

After a few hundred years, they departed back to Mongolia.

Now, they had learnt a system of subjugation which they quickly enforced in Asia, then Afghanistan and by the 11 th century they were in Northern and South Indian. In India, the imposed the Salt Tax, not the British.

In every campaign, it was not the purpose of spreading Islam by peaceful means but rather the taking of more lands for Allah. He willed it. Whether those acts are wriiten to be achieved or it is the assumption of the conqueror that by doing so, he pleases his god.

There is a Third Jihad that is coming. Pious Islamist speaks of it daily.

Islam has been nothing but Radiacl. Its history is no different from the Huns, the Mongols or any of the world conquerors.

There is a sword in their emblems. They have a history in wars as Medes, Persians, Syrians, Assyrians, Babyloinas, Anatolians and the Hittites. They just cant help themselves. Today, they are same people. Just review the Mid-East. Dey bin spilling blood from since creation. It is not easy for them to live in socirties that are peacful. Plainly speaking, dey quick to dig up all kinds of shit to mek wars and conflicts.

At the end of the day, it is the Mid-East that drives the agenda. They dictates the path, the Wahabbis, the continuous command from the First Jihad. Fools will follow them even into death.

Igoranance of the scriptures makes asses of supposed sane people. 

Here is Saggabai with his nonsense also. If these are what devalue Islam couldn't the same be said of Christianity? How did those parts of the Middle East have Christians when Jesus said that his followers will not even cross over the hill before he returns? We are all better off just focusing on our own lives than seeking to malign others.

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