Time returns to supress the nerves

The return of conversation with the word by time causes a disability to the nerves by casting suppression on IT for love. They (the truth) don't care for the man because they use the hole for love with the soul and God. I don't feel comfortable with circumcised men walking around me and I don't know if they are circumcised because I am not. Circumcision is a sin--feeling the lie is a sin to create the truth. Uncross the crossover to the parallel world by uncrossing the cross of Jesus. They don't recognize my energy or mental synapses so their movements will not be interrupted so suspicion will not be detected. If they are the numbers, we just have to reposition things or our bodies to change the ratio of one with another.

(Ratio correct) GOD 26:42 SIN [ memory of forgotten feeling of force = 49 ] 21:26 04/30/2016



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I am sure that mental illness is real and it is necessary to be compassionate to people suffering from same. It is, however, apparent to me that people drive themselves to this state by thinking/worrying about silly things like my man Ronald here worrying about being around circumcised men and not knowing that he is or not. The world would be so much better for all of us if we can find a way to wake up in the morning, go outside, smell the fresh air (except you New Yorkers have no fresh air ), enjoy life, friends and families and don't make other peoples' joy your misery. Hopefully having this positive attitude will end up earning one some sex which is always the ultimate goal.

Lighten up my man, stop worrying about all kinds of stuff and best wishes. 

Prashad posted:

I just got a pm from a member saying circumsion is child abuse. The reason I did it for my son is because I don't want him blaming me for not circumsizing him when he is 30 to prevent Hiv or the effects of diabetes.

Circumcision is definitely not a walk in the part and if it goes wrong, then things will really go wrong.

Some argue that it allow for a cleaner penis while others argue that it inhibits great sex. It may be both, none, either or neither. Then there are those believe that it is child. Lastly, there are those who do it just because it is required by their religion like Islam and Judaism.

My guess is everyone will address as they feel most comfortable.


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