Time for Ray to enforce GNI rules. Django is cussing F this and F that Left, Right and Centre. What nonsense is this ?

Django posted:
yuji22 posted:

Here is another post in his drunken state:
Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 8.38.05 PM

Drunk,you got to be out of your mind.Don't touch that stuff for months.

You does tun yuh face on the other side when the drunken Nehru hurls abuses.

.....not to mention the very vivid description of gay sex acts that can only be so well described by one WELL acquainted with the anti man lifestyle! An absolute disgrace when non Guyanese encounter this site.

Want to "enforce rules"?  let's go all the way!

Mitwah posted:

Admin have their favorites who do no wrong.  We see the abuse and personal attacks that pass for debates. Perhaps it's the reason, there are so many guests peeping in for the cheap thrills.  Time to take a break from GNI. 

...there was also the solicitation of a female member's niece!

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