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This is the reality of our Senior Citizens in the midst of the Health Crisis [Covid-19] currently facing our nation.

This is the level of incompetence coming from APNU-PNC since 2015; No Plans , No Vision as our reserves are empty. So while their blind supporters continue to cuss our International Partners and Institutions, we are still awaiting financial support to aid the fight against Covid-19.

Can we honestly just tell these citizens -' JUST stay Home' and survive this crisis with a mere 16k a month from their pension?. All over the world Countries are implementing support systems for their Citizens; particularly those considered to be HIGH risk.

Recently the PPP/C [Government in waiting] have formed and activated a COVID-19 TASK force including the best technical skill set. This Apnu-pnc and their riggers only focus is to continue to hold our country hostage as they desperately abusing our judiciary.

The government's 'Task Force' is being lead by a known Rubba Stamp and his focus is to catch unknown Russian Spies that his drunkard party colleague claimed exists..

This is why majority of our electorates have decided since March 2nd that PPP/C is the best political party to manage this country for the next 5 years.

May God hep us now...

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Dr. Irfaan Al

19 mins Β· 

This is not only irresponsible but total lack of awareness. All over the country this morning our was vulnerable to COVID 19 (the elderly) are lined up for their monthly pension. We need to stop this immediately and make alternative arrangements. Some of these lines are in the city. Please can the authorities address this immediately. We are at the critical stage in the management of COVID 19 and this can be a time bomb.

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This is absolutely ridiculous. It is for reasons like this and many others I keep saying Volda Lawerence and the entire APNU/AFC cabal form the definition of incompetence. How do you ask these pensioners , the most vulnerable group to COVID-19, to line up outside post offices to collect their pension, with no adherence to social distancing? We have a database of all the information on pensioners. What about direct deposits? What about door-to-door delivery or pension for this period.

What exactly Volda Lawerence, Amna Ally and others are thinking? Or is it pure incompetence and lack of knowledge.

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