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Fireman shot dead by bandits
December 28, 2011 | By KNews | Filed Under News

Delon Collins, a 29-year-old fireman of Vryman’s Erven, New Amsterdam, had his life snuffed

Dead: Delon Collins
out when he was shot dead at around 23:15 on Christmas Eve by bandits.
The young man and his fiancée, Probation and Welfare Officer, Nadine Crawford, 32, and her three children had just returned from shopping in Rose Hall Town. They had just entered Crawford’s yard at Alness, Corentyne, Berbice, when they were confronted by four men armed with firearms.
Police in a press release stated that the men took away jewellery and $62,000 during which Delon Collins was shot to his chest after which the perpetrators escaped.
It is understood that Collins tried to run away when he spotted the bandits but they opened fire on him as he was fleeing, hitting him in the side of his chest.
When he collapsed, one of the bandits stripped him of the cash he had in his pocket amounting to $42,000, leaving him with his jewellery. His fiancée was relieved of her personal jewllery during the attack which has left the children traumatized.
Divisional Commander Steve Merai told Kaieteur News that the shooter was positively identified as a known criminal who was recently released from prison.
According to the commander, the man has been sentenced to 18 months in his absence for another armed robbery.
“We know who we are looking for and we will soon be able to know who the other gang members are,” the Commander said.
A source in Berbice told this newspaper that Collins, who worked at the Fire Station in Onverwagt, West Berbice, had earlier parked his car at the Fire Service’s Rose Hall Location before going out and shop in the town along with Crawford and her three children.
They returned sometime after 22:00 hrs and uplifted the car before heading back to Crawford’s Alness residence. It was sometime after that he was shot.
Collins leaves to mourn his mother, one brother and three sisters.

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Originally posted by Riya:
I remember Alness to be a nice safe village....darn, bandits are everywhere

Had a girlfriend from Alness at one time.

The Police need to rake in these bandits.
Guyana going insane wid all de illegal guns and high unemployment.

Alness man shot in yard on Christmas morning
By Stabroek staff.
Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Corentyne, Berbice resident is now a patient at the New Amsterdam Hospital, after he was mysteriously shot while in his backyard early Christmas morning.

Hallman Hunte, 32 of Alness, Corentyne was shot once in the right side of the abdomen and on his right arm, as he was on his way from his outhouse.

According to the man’s reputed wife Mohannie Sooknanan, called ‘Vannie’, she awoke around 3 am on Sunday and her husband got up as well and they both headed outside to where their toilet and bath are situated. Vannie continued that she completed her bath, left her husband outside, and headed upstairs “for a match to start cook”. The woman said that as she was on her way up the stairs she heard a gunshot and her husband screamed and she ran back down the stairs.

As she neared the bottom of the stairs, Vannie said her husband ran into the house bleeding and collapsed in an unconscious state on a rug in the kitchen. She said that he subsequently came to and instructed her to go upstairs, but she refused and he shouted out to the neighbours for help. The woman said that they were eventually able to hitch a ride in a passing vehicle, which took her and Hunte to the New Amsterdam Hospital.

Vannie said she has no idea of the motive for her husband being shot, nor did he relay to her the circumstances. She said the police were made aware of the incident and they have since visited Hunte in the hospital and taken a statement.

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