Things open up and people seeing right through

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Ever since Soulja Bai tun president, he always pushing fuh transparency. He ain’t talking ‘bout people wearing see-through clothes or house wid sheer glass windows. He was talking ‘bout openness.

But even then, dat cause confusion because people get odda ideas. Some walk wid dem mouth open all de time because dem believe openness give dem de right to talk all de time whether dem mekking sense or not.

Wha Soulja Bai was talking about was mekking de public aware of everything dat de government do. All de agreement it sign, de people must know. Dat was something dat nobody in Guyana coulda dream would happen.

When dem hear ‘bout any agreement, and only hear because dem can’t see it, dem use to keep dem mouth shut. De agreement fuh de Marriott was a secret. In fact, de government even cancel an agreement wid a group from St. Lucia because dem tell de media wha dem was signing wid de government.

Soulja Bai mek everything open or transparent and all of a sudden people questioning everything and everybody. Some even questioning nuff of de agreements. Dem even questioning Soulja Bai.

Dem boys remember when some contracts fuh build an ordinary building use to be in de hundreds of millions of dollars. Today de same building barely cost couple millions. De NIS building in Berbice was one. It cost $69 million instead of $10 million.

De people even lock out de reporters who go to visit de building. Everything was a secret. People couldn’t go to certain government places but nobody ever dare seh anything.

Today a police station three times as big as dat NIS building cost less than wha de NIS building did cost back then.

Today, dem boys find out dat de government got to explain everything it do. And dat is a good thing. Dat is wha should happen all de time. Dat is something people got to insist on till death do us part as dem does seh when people get married.

Talk half and watch how Soulja Bai open things.

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Granger's government is a heck of a lot more transparent than the PPP government...Jags got the goods on being sneaky why you think nothing could be found even though it is well known those fellas were in govt for themselves and cronies.

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