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Thief man always got a reason fuh thiefing

Jun 13, 2019 Dem Boys Seh, Features / Columnists, Kaieteur News, https://www.kaieteurnewsonline...reason-fuh-thiefing/

De more you live is de more you see. And when dem boys want to hear Nancy story all dem got to do is go in de court, especially de Magistrates’ court.

Dem had de old story about a man getting ketch wid a goat pon he shoulder. According to de story, when de police ask de man about de goat, de man ask ‘Which goat?’ When de police point to his shoulder, de man look surprise and he ask, ‘Wha you doing up deh? Is true wha dem seh. Goat like high places.’

Yesterday dem had a better story in de magistrates’ court. A man get arrest fuh choke and rob. De excuse he give de magistrate nearly mek de lady faint. He tell she how he see a man choking anodda man suh he push he hand in de man pocket and tek de phone.

When de magistrate ask him why, he tell her how he tek de man phone to call 911 to report de robbery. But he never give back de phone to de victim. Dat is when dem boys seh, he tek de phone to prevent de choke man from tekking it.

Dat does happen when a store burning down. People does see de fire and run to de store to help. Most people does get blame fuh helping dem self but as dem boys seh, help is help.

So at de store, people does rescue the things from getting bun up and carry dem home fuh safe keeping. Is save people does save de things otherwise dem woulda bun up in de fire. But dem boys know de store owner don’t be thankful although he know insurance gon give him back he things.

In de case of de man who tek out de man phone, de magistrate send him to jail. He gon be one honest man who gon spend time in jail. And of course, is only he did see de man who choke de odda man.

Talk half and be careful who you helping.

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