Thief from thief mek Gawd laugh

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Old people always seh that is better belly bust than good food waste. In short, rather than people go hungry and food got to throw away is better people eat de food. And dem got nuff old people in Guyana.

Of course, every country got laws; people must pay tax once dem colleagues also paying. Nobody can expect a man to pay tax pun anything that he import and another man importing and not paying taxes.

Of course, dem got exception to de law. All who getting a salary should pay tax but dem got some people getting fat salaries and dem ain’t paying no tax. Jagdeo is one, Soulja Bai is another.

Normally in cases like that such people does mek donation to people who don’t have and dem boys remember Soulja Bai actually did give away a part of he salary to charity, not de one pun de Essequibo Coast.

Statia and he people decide to keep an eye on people who paying tax and who smuggling. That is how dem ketch people smuggling chicken from Suriname. When dem ketch de smugglers dem does give people wid cold storage to keep de chicken.

Of course, dem boys seh that dem never hear when Statia and he people dispose of de chicken. Ever since Khurshid, was de same thing.

Dem boys want to know if chicken from a long time seizure still deh in cold storage or it sell out.

Thief from thief always mek Gawd laugh. Statia and he people ketch de people who was keeping de chicken selling de same chicken. Needless to say, de selling was at a reduced price. Even of dem sell de chicken fuh $100 a pound dem gun mek a profit because once you don’t pay nutten anything you get is a profit. Plus de government paying you to use de cold storage.

De chicken sit down in cold storage and people want it to eat. One thing though, dem boys ain’t hear is who was selling de chicken and to whom.

Dem know dem didn’t get none.

Talk half and see if any chicken got mark in de market.

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