There has been a democratic renewal, change is coming’- President Granger

Prashad has already said, "A PPP victory will in 2020 only give East Indians of Guyana a false sense of security". The East Indian population in Guyana and the South American continent is on the decline caught in a perfect storm.  The only solution to reverse this drastic downward trend is the peaceful creation of an independent sovereign country for East Indians and Douglas of Guyana where the mechanisms of the state can be fully used to reverse this downward trend. 

Labba posted:

Ayoo go see democratic renewal when ayoo bai and savoor win de eleckshun. When he start back from where he leff off...wuk po he...wuk pon he...wuk pon he...hey hey hey. 

who is "ayoo bai and savoor" in dis latest rant?

Granger of Rat?

skeldon_man posted:
ronan posted:
skeldon_man posted:

Let's concentrate on the general(2020) elections. PNC will accept the LGE even if they lost some. I don't think they can and will accept a defeat in 2020 if they don't rig and frig the elections. What the F**K does he know about democracy? All he knows about democracy: rigging elections and unleash the dogs of violence, burn, loot, shoot to kill...

hmmm... 2 "likes" for dis farrago of ignorance and bile

skeldon_man, just fyi, there are very effective treatments for rabies in de modern medical toolkit

be careful with the company you rollin with . . . infection happens real easy, real quick

foaming at the mouth is a dead giveaway


seeing "Redux" in everything important is not good for your health bai

put some kind of salve on the lash marks and don't be so anxious to expose your back for more

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