August 8 2019


Dear Editor,

Two news captions caught my attention on Tuesday; one was in SN, the other in KN. Both were surprising in view of their origins.

First, I read that if elections are not held by September 18, then Guyana would be in “uncharted” waters. This is perplexing coming from men of thinking and standing in this society. From my standpoint, Guyana cannot be in any “uncharted” waters, since there is no water whatsoever on which to sail; as there are no waters around, then there is nothing to chart. And because of that, it is more accurate and realistic to say that this country is becalmed on the fastnesses of treacherous rocks, and clinging mud. It is not only becalmed; more than that: it is shipwrecked.

Just like it has been shipwrecked prior to other elections (held before) and in pieces (almost always afterwards) when believed navigable waters have been attempted to be sailed upon in the post elections developments. Local history is not of what could be termed uncharted waters, as what usually occurs is the raw and rank fragmentation along deeper, harsher racial lines of society. That is already charted repeatedly, but without revision.

Now whatever is relied upon (document map) to arrive in uncharted territory is silent on what should happen beyond the time that troubles intellectually the pundits around. I have scant interest in intellectual unease, and every concern with what is disregarded and dismissed in the ferocious jousting for power by any means necessary. And that is, the sanctity of society and some reasonable probability of its functioning after extricating itself from the rocks and mud.

For what is today described as “uncharted” after September 18 does not have to be, if only wise men would be patriotic enough, and humbly self-sacrificing enough, to make the interests of the people primary, and through such endeavours allow that to trump personal and party and power calculations into the secondary.

I think they are looking for some constitutional harbour in which to find the passing justification of temporary political survival. Everybody has used that farce (constitution) to betray this nation.

Too many men are relying on a book of treacherous laws, when they should be engaging the brawn of their brains for a different course to pilot through the fog and chop.

It does not take the brilliant or profound to appreciate that the so-called chartered waters of before have constantly run this nation aground, to the point where it founders around feebly and ineffectually to get some footing towards a more receptive place.

Even in familiar, well-charted waters, how is that going to be achieved when half of the ship’s population is dedicated to lifting it up at one time, while the other half is content to congregate on the other end (at the same time) to keep it firmly mired in the muck and misery of going nowhere? Those who disagree should share where this country has gone, if not to the dogs. Now even the dogs refuse to stir. Instead of uncharted waters, I think that a ship of fools fits more smoothly. The charted is what makes us sink like a stone face forward. Chart a way out of that today.

The second caption was the one in KN (also on Tuesday, August 6), where the esteemed Dr. Hinds in a comment titled “Skeptical voters” tired of political rhetoric -Only comprehensive plans, policies will earn their votes.” However generously I look at what the learned man offered, the best I come up with is half for and half against. I completely agree that voters are tired of the endless jabbing and sparring through reciprocal verbal political battling. In fact, other than mindless hardliners, who live for this sort of corny mud wrestling, the general rank-and-file are extremely fatigued and disgusted. But that is as far as Guyanese go: the resignation of boredom and disgust.

Because, on the other hand, that subset about “only comprehensive plans, policies will earn their votes” is barking up a tree that collapses on anyone brave enough (and unwise enough) to take such a stand. My first reaction is: since when do votes have to be earned by the two major political race groups in this country? The lesser political fry, yes; but not those two. They get away with murder and they know it; that is why they persist with the same personal misconduct and administrative mismanagement when in office. And just as knowingly, supporters stay faithful to them, and empower them to deliver the same devastating results, time and again, without any change of heart or allegiance or voter presence. Rhetoric included, plans, policies, and performance also accounted for, and it is the same old circular history of failed promises and worst records of governance banditry and political criminality.

If anyone is keenly and honestly searching for an issues-based voter population and results-oriented governance, then there is their answer. I think that it speaks with resounding rhetorical fanfare for themselves. Take a look. Pick a party. Then chose every voter. Well, almost all…

Yours faithfully,

GHK Lall