The Sheema Mangar murder like many others has ended up in the cold case cabinet

Dear Editor,

September 11, 2011 marked one year since the brutal death of Sheema Mangar who was employed at the time at Demerara Bank Ltd. Onto this day the killer remains at large, which does not inspire much confidence in the rather slow pace at which the police authorities are proceeding with the investigation.

This certainly must add to the frustration and agony her parents and family members are experiencing, in addition to the malicious destruction of the small memorial that was erected at the spot where she met her demise. This act committed by some β€˜vandal’ in broad daylight was deliberate, and a vulgar display of how degenerate, inhumane and lawless our society has become, causing law-abiding citizens to live in a state of fear and anxiety. We are all extremely vulnerable; nobody knows who is next to be brutally murdered or hit down and left to die on the street like some stray dog.

The underlying factor remains that life has become so dirt cheap in Guyana that for a cell phone Sheema Mangar was cruelly crushed to death. For weeks people expressed their disgust at the gruesome manner in which she was killed and the reluctance of the police to perform their duty to pursue and apprehend the killer and have justice served, for which they are paid by the citizens of this country. Every day we are awakened to the news of some horrifying murder, crash up, robberies, suicides, and the unprecedented wave of violence against women.

There is no consolation in the police press releases that the police are continuing their investigations, which actually means another case for the cold case cabinet. Literally hundreds of people have been brutally murdered and their cases all ended up in the cold case cabinet. It is only the Sheema Mangar family that has refused to give up their quest for justice.

Sheema Mangar’s attributes, her academic success, her dream to be a certified accountant all came to an abrupt end on that faithful afternoon of September 10, 2010. Her death is a loss to our country and our already small and diminishing population.

Yours faithfully,
Anatasia Alli

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Remembering Sheema Mangar
Read by Gerhard Ramsaroop, AFC Executive Member

September 11th is an important day for us as Guyanese to remember because it was the day on which a young life was snuffed out in a most disgusting way. Of course, we are speaking of young Ms Sheema Mangar.

What is even more tragic about her death is that there has been no justice in this case. Her case is emblematic of all that is wrong with this country. It is also representative of how many other youngsters have lost their lives with no justice in sight. There is Alicea Foster and young Ricky Jainarine, just 10 years old. It would be a travesty to mention these cases and not mention the Lindo Creek Massacre, which are all high profile cases that are screaming for justice in this country.

Someone has to know what happened here. Someone must know who committed these crimes but no one to date has come forward with any evidence, nor have the police been able to solve these murders. Why? The answer is fairly simple; the PPP has failed to invest in our men and women in uniform. We continue to pay policemen and women meagre salaries of $45,000 dollars per month, while in contrast we pay political operatives over $800,000 dollars per month.

With this government you cannot take anything for granted, not even democracy. We should hold these cases and the neglect of our security in this country at the forefront of our minds when we go to the polls, hopefully this year. For a change in this country we need to start holding elected officials responsible for their lack of performance.

As a previous US Ambassador aptly put it the current Minister of Home Affairs is a horseman of inertia. If foreigners can detect this and our leaders refuse to, what does that tell us? It is not that they don’t know this. It is that they just don't care and we need to elect people who give a damn in this country.

Vote for justice for Sheema Mangar, Ricky Jainarine, Alicia Foster, the Lindo Creek victims and all other victims of crime in Guyana, and also give our policemen and women a chance to be paid better, trained better and equipped better. VOTE AFC 2011.

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