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The PPP/C is shameless

Kaieteur News – The government is back to its old ways. Nothing has changed from the discredited actions which caused the PPP/C to lose its majority in 2011 and office in 2015.
There was one common denominator in those defeats and that common denominator is now a multiplier. The PPP/C and the country will go nowhere so long as that factor remains entrenched and pulling the strings.
The Opposition hold no chance of regaining power and they do not deserve ever to hold office again. Not after what they put this country through for five months; and certainly not after squandering the golden opportunity to make a difference.
Instead of rebuilding under the man responsible for bringing the PNC/R back to power through free and fair elections, there was mutiny against him and now a struggle for power. Instead of a frank and forthright assessment as to why the APNU+AFC lost political power, there is a mad scramble to depose the one man who delivered them out of the political wilderness. What is taking place in the PNC/R now is a vendetta against Granger. But after what happened between March and August 2020, the PNC/R in another couple of weeks will get the leaders it deserves.
What is clear is that the PNC/R cannot be part of any democratic solution in Guyana and lacks the moral authority to hold the PPP/C accountable and to stem its excesses.
I have said before that the PPP/C is now controlled by an economic oligarchy – a small grouping which is stinking rich and which expects that every cent that it gave to the party for its election campaign, must be returned with interest. And this is what we are seeing now.
We are also back to the days of micromanagement. Decision-making has become so centralised that billions are falling through the cracks because decisions are not being made in a timely fashion. And instead of reorganisation of the political management of the State, the country is being treated to pappy shows.
Every day is a pappy show. Every day is sheer fluff and no substance. Every day is a picture moment while the country waits for a perfect moment.
There is no credible Opposition because the Opposition lacks credibility. And this is granting licence for the government to do as it pleases. And it is doing as it pleases.
From the failure to audit the expenses and credits of the oil companies, to making controversial award of contracts, to making a mockery of public consultations, to dubious appointments to foreign missions while the key foreign service appointments are not being made, to the retendering of contracts, to poor educational policies, to absence of public service reform, to a dubious distinction between core and non-core sports, to the usual talk about fighting crime through increased injection of resources, to the absence of a depletion policy for the oil and gas sectors and to the return of the usual flawed business models.
Guyana is on the road to eternal torment. If you have young children, this is not the government or the country for them. Get them out on the earliest flight after the pandemic has abated and tell them not to ever contemplate coming back here.
Young people have no future in this country. The government lacks the vision to create a society of opportunities. All it is doing at present is allowing the oligarchy to make merry while the masses continue to suffer.
And suffering they are. Burdened by heavy taxes, poor pay and soaring cost of living, they are thrown crumbs in the form of meagre salary increases and there is gumption to force the private sector to increase the minimum wage from the paltry $45,000. The PPP/C, built on the backs of the working class, is shameless.
Mediocrity now rules the roost. And as is said, who the Gods despise they first make mediocre.


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You cannot have a successful free enterprise system without people getting rich. Some will get rich honestly and some will find other ways of beating the system at the expense of the people.  It happens everyday in the great USA.  Some are caught and successfully prosecuted and some are not.  It's just the system.

There is no such thing as a free enterprise system in practice.  It is a theoretical concept.

Totaram is either living on Mars or had a Mars bar from the APNU/AFC.

If I thought you were capable of understanding an explanation I would have provided one. 

Few examples of a free enterprise system ...

-- become a professional; e.g., engineer, doctor, lawyer, etc.,

-- start/open/continue a business;

-- etc., etc., etc..

Communist Russia had many professionals.  Does that mean theirs was a free enterprise system?  Come on man, get real. 

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