This is the kind of brutality one sees in serial killers and the criminally insane. This person should be arrested forthwith and never see daylight for another 20 years


Boy, 6, brutalised

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…CPA launches investigation

When teachers at a city primary school noticed marks on a male pupil’s neck, their attention was immediately aroused. At first, the marks appeared minor. However, what they did not expect was that this pupil had even more terrible marks all over his body, hidden right beneath his school uniform.

The painful welts on the little boy

The painful welts on the little boy

Now, the Childcare and Protection Agency (CPA) has launched an investigation into how this six-year-old boy ended up being brutally beaten and possibly scarred for life.

According to information received, CPA learnt of the brutalisation after teachers called in with their discovery yesterday.

The six-year-old boy reportedly turned out to school like any other day but teachers noticed something amiss; there were visible marks on his arms and neck. The young boy was also clearly discomfited with sitting and would loudly cry out, “ouch!” whenever he was touched.

Cautiously, he was examined and welts were discovered all across his back. There were also marks on his stomach, neck, arms and a few on his face. The marks also extended to his buttocks while his tiny legs were visibly swollen. It was also noticed that he had old scars on his body from previous beatings.

Reports indicate that the cruel beating was administered by a relative of the boy because he had seemingly been playing too boisterously.
CPA confirmed that the boy was taken into its care and examined by a doctor to determine the extent of his injuries. CPA said, too, that the matter is being fully investigated.

The brutal beating of the six-year-old by a family member comes less than two weeks after CPA would have concluded its observance of Child Protection Week. Interestingly, this year’s observance was under the theme “Strengthening Families to Protect Children”.

CPA Director Ann Greene had emphasised time and time again that the home must be the place where children feel most protected. Unfortunately, she said, this is too often not the case.

Last month, Social Protection Minister, Volda Lawrence, had shared that CPA had been called in to intervene in at least 350 cases involving children who have reportedly been abused, neglected or maltreated for the year thus far. At the same time, at least 128 children were placed in care outside of their homes.

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Is PNC in Govt.  Bribe will take care of everythiong

the worse part is even if one gives you what you say as truth it means you are accepting a cruel indian family to get away with horrible brutality

How do you know it's an Indian family? Why could it not be a fair skinned dougla or a buckman?

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Mitwah posted:

I wonder what is the outcome of this matter? Please note this happened in 2015. Sad.

Those lashes remind Mit about his sorrowful days in Guyanese schools. Thank god the brother got a visa to go live in Canada.  He can now mouth off on the net about his dislike of corporeal punishment on children.  The system of education in Guyana was not geared towards getting people to think for themselves and express themselves freely.  It was all about adhering to the beliefs of those on top. 

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