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@Baseman posted:

The PNC Base are not thinkers, they just follow instructions. And when they cannot logically justify, they start quoting the Bible. They are actually stupid people, and their leadership knows this. 

but Baseman Bro they have MIGHT. Just a few can intimidate the entire population of Indians in Guyana. You know the story of Samson and the jaw bone of an ass. Well, is the same God these PNC ppl believe in. 

They believe in their cause, generally Black ppl have a lot of of Causes. Every body picking on dem. 

Anyone following previous elections in Guyana could have predicted the outcome of 2020 elections. I have said, it will be a sad day in Guyana, for whoever wins the looser will not take it lightly.

The outburst of two female politicians pretty well have summed up the future of Guyana. From the PPP came, "We know they doan like us." expressed by an Indo-Guyanese. On the PNC side, "Murderers, murderers, why you think these people will vote for alyuh." a passionate inquiry to the Indians confronted  by the Afro-Guyanese.

The future looks bleak.

 A compromise must come.
Honesty in Guyana annoys people, for everything is about race. So, I will say what I have to say without prejudice. Who vex can stay vex.

Race and culture comes first then nationalism. The rhetoric these days from the prominent Afro-Guyanese, it is okay to seize the country regardless that their group is approximate thirty percent of the population. This position and intent has been around for the last seventy years. Many with such wisdom have been received in the cemeteries of the land, their skulls with empty eye sockets and limbs is all that remains buried or dashed. Imagine the great amount of knowledge that exists in the graveyards, men with exceptional abilities, all dead. They failed their fellow Guyanese.
Today, individuals have presented themselves with this old idea. History has taught them nothing, even with the three and a half scores of years that have touched their lives. Mischievous old men. The massacre in Rwanda was prompted by men on the airwaves. We have all these views on the radio encouraging APNU to disregard laws and constitution and continue to govern without a mandate. Telling the few supporters on the streets their children, grand children and great grand children, future generations will thank this President for his decision . A bold move to incite a limited base to do criminal acts. We have had a Wismar, it never bothered the conscience of those involved. We have had a Son Chapman Incident as well.
It is very difficult for me to believe the majority Afro-Guyanese share the views of the street protesters and radio guests. The experiments with marginalization did not do any good for both the countries of Uganda and Fiji.
Men with such views needs to be shouted down.
It is all about the question of ownership or governance. If distrust is prevalent, then Partition would solve the problem of governance. Learned Afro-Guyanese have written of it in the past and contemporary thoughts suggests the same.
The history of the Afro-Guyanese is one of seasons of time. In a few days, it would be Emancipation Day for the year twenty twenty. Let the day be significant, those who share the idea of Partition, tell us Guyanese that you want your own country to govern. Let us talk about the divisions.
The country inherited six cultures. Independence-the State  provided  Flag and Anthem to rally us as Guyanese, for the land has been providing for us. The State is real but our state of mind discounts Attitudes towards fellow citizens.
A change must come. And for that to happen, both the Peoples Progressive Party and the Peoples National Congress have to surrender a great many points of view in the interests of the citizens. 
Velutha Kuttapen

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