The Easiest Ramen Recipes to Make When You're in a Pinch

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We totally get it: it can be hard to feel motivated to cook fresh, delicious meals during the cold, dark winter months – but it shouldn't be a major source of stress or anxiety. Simply gather together some budget-friendly ingredients and create sanity-saving hearty ramen noodle dishes that are low-maintenance and high in flavour.

Rabokki/Tteokbokki (Spicy Ramen and Rice Cake) the uninitiated, tteokbokki is a spicy rice cake recipe commonly sold at Korean street markets. We've tossed in some "rabokki" (ramen noodles) for an evolved version of a classic Korean dish that is both hearty and easily shareable. If you're looking for more ideas, try these healthy meal-prep lunches.

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Budae Jjigae (Korean Army Stew) mouth-watering, spicy "stew" features sausage, kimchi, cheese – and Spam. (Yes, really!). Invented by Korean-based American soldiers, this twist on the ramen classic is populated with plenty of Western-inspired ingredients. It's so popular, in fact, that you can easily find it in restaurants across Korea.

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Shortcut Dan-Dan Noodles quick and easy version of the popular Chinese dish elevates easy-to-find instant ramen noodles to the next level. Simply gather ground pork, fresh ginger and soy sauce for a speedy meal you'll have on the table in 20 minutes. You can also try one of these genius ways to hack a pack of ramen noodles.

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Chicken Ramen Noodle Dump Dinner maintenance and packed with flavour, this creamy casserole transforms dorm-friendly ramen noodles into a satisfying casserole for a crowd.

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10-Minute Chicken, Corn and Kimchi Ramen doesn't get much easier thanks to this quick ramen masterpiece you need to introduce into regular rotation. Use a large skillet to cook everything at once, and in the 10 minutes it takes for the broth to come to a boil, it's done! It reminds us of these college meal ideas that beat the cafeteria.

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Shrimp Ramen packaged ramen noodles are dressed up with poached shrimp and bacon bits for a pork-infused broth that tastes more delicious the longer you leave it simmering in the pot. Ramen isn't the only popular food trend that dominated the decade.

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Kimchi and Bacon Ramen belly-warming chicken-and-bacon broth is brimming with rich complementary flavours, including scallions, ginger and kimchi. Bonus: the hearty recipe makes up to four servings, so you can set some aside for a quick lunch the next day. For more inspiration, try these Thai takeout recipes to make at home.

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Shortcut Noodle-Bowl Lettuce Wraps twist on a traditional Vietnamese noodle bowl includes scrumptious bites of vegetables, charred pork loin and ramen noodles – all of which are neatly tucked into a crunchy lettuce leaf for a sweet-savoury meal that is heartier than the average salad. Opt for pre-cut or frozen vegetables for a dinner that will come together in minutes. For more hacks, try Ina Garten's quick recipes using store-bought ingredients.

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Super Easy Ramen Noodle Bowl the end of the day, if you're looking to keep things simple on weeknights, ramen noodles are the way to go. Think of it as an elevated college meal jam-packed with fresh (or frozen) veggies and a fragrant miso broth that’ll keep you toasty. You can also try these 30-minute winter weeknight dinners.

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Ramen Pho as 1,2,3, this 10-ingredient ramen bowl combines the rich flavours of beef, red onion, ginger and thinly sliced steak for a soothing recipe that will become a staple in your household. It also makes for a healing go-to if you're feeling under the weather.

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