The dirt is the body of the spirit

They disable us with dirt. You have to touch the dirt to touch the Jews.

Disregard washing hands. They fooled the Hindus with cleanliness. They use the extra irrational number to control by creating the complementary of the whole with it with the circumcision foreskin. For example if you weigh an apple you will have an irrational number and not an exact quantity.

They (truth) ignore the direction and momentum of the heart to ignore man and nature since that rejects the emotions. I think God knows about the forgotten so think of something you forgot to send to God. I'm thinking of the blocked sewer or the heat sink that fell on the circuit board in my stereo. You could think of a girlfriend or boyfriend you forgot about. I could think of forgetting Krishna are Jesus stopping God from doing his evil. Think of this: God forgetting intelligence and love. We got to see him. Think he forgot he exists.

The direction and momentum of the heart is ignored that is why we are strangers among each other thinking only into ourselves.

Sorry about the previous post with no video or image. The tablet upload failed. If you can, can you delete it administration (they ignore memory loss to ignore it)



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