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The cheapest places to travel every month of 2018

london england uk united kingdomPlan a vacation to London this march. Ale Argentieri/Shutterstock

  • Each month of 2018 offers an opportunity for new adventures.
  • Whether it's for the gorgeous weather or low prices, here are the destinations you need to visit each month of the year.

If your 2018 New Year's resolution is to see the world, consider each month of the year an opportunity for new adventures.

Whether it's gorgeous weather, airfare deals or a can't-miss event, every month on the calendar is the absolute perfect month for traveling somewhere on the planet. No matter how you slice it, the best time to travel is always right now. Click through to see the best destinations to visit throughout 2018.

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April: St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

April: St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands Sean Pavone/Alamy Stock Photo

When it comes to the U.S. Virgin Islands, the parades, dancing, pageants, food and live music of the Carnival make it an unmissable event. In St. Thomas, it all goes down in April. Even during the best time to visit, flights are a little lower than peak season, starting at under $600 round trip.

May: Bukhara, Uzbekistan

May: Bukhara, Uzbekistan kav38/Shutterstock

Every May, the holy Silk Road city of Bukhara seems to travel back in time with the beautiful Silk and Spices festival, featuring folklore talks, folk dancing, handmade art, fashion shows and, of course, lots and lots of food and textiles.

For the best deals, choose packages that cover a week through Bukhara and other cities for about $1,200 per person.

June: Glacier National Park, Montana

If you want to head somewhere with "glacier" in the name, summer is the best time to go to Glacier National Park. Of course, the park is beautiful in the winter. But clear skies and gorgeous temperatures in the low 70s really illuminate the crystal waters and mountain peaks of the Crown of the Continent.

U.S. News and World Report notes that June lodging rates are the lowest of the summer. With chalets and resorts hovering at around $160 or below, it's not wrong.

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June: Lille, France

June: Lille, France Jacky D/Shutterstock

Just about every globe-trotter dreams of Paris in the summer, and that's the problem. The influx of summer lovers means that June lodging commonly spikes to well over $200 a night.

Enter Lille, a sleepier alternative that's just as romantic and holds its own in museum selections from the industrial La Manufacture to the traditional Fine Arts Museum. Summer hotels can be easily had for under $100, too.

July: Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia

July: Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia Shutterstock

Visiting Tahiti in July, and you know you're in for blissful weather that hovers right below a pitch-perfect 85 degrees. As a bonus, July is the island's dry season, so you won't have to worry as much about those characteristic sheets of rain.

Resorts can easily climb to over $300, so keep an eye out for early deals to catch $100-ish nights at local hotels.

July: Asbury Park, N.J.

Currently experiencing a renaissance after a big post-Hurricane Sandy government investment, Asbury Park hits all the sweet spots. It's a peak-season summer destination that won't break the bank.

The freshly built arcades, concert stages and bars of the beachy boardwalk are pure Americana, and even cross-country flights barely break $335. Stay in nearby Neptune City, where summer hotels stick to about $165 to $175 nightly.

September: Portland, Maine

If you want that classic New England vacation but don't want to plunk down yacht-worthy cash, check out Portland in September. As Travel + Leisure puts it, fleeing summer crowds leave behind "a quiet β€” and perhaps even more charming β€” coastal Maine town." Hotel rates plummet in the post-season, too, often dipping as low as the mid-$100s.

October: Santorini Island, Greece

Greece's tourist season is long over by the time October rolls around, which makes Santorini in October a truly hidden gem.

Airfare plummets drastically to less than $550. But the sapphire seas, wineries, mild temperatures, postcard-worthy beaches and breathtakingly beautiful hotel rooms feel anything but cheap, making it U.S. News and World Report's No. 1 "Best Vacation" for the month of October.

October: Costa Brava, Spain

October: Costa Brava, Spain LouieLea/Shutterstock

The beauty of winter sun is that its rays shine well after peak season, making for travel deals so bright, you gotta wear shades (seriously, you probably should).

The unspoiled nearly private beaches and rich wine route make Costa Brava feel extra luxurious. But October hotels on the beach in Roses are well under $50.

November: Hong Kong

November: Hong Kong Shutterstock

While most travelers visit Hong Kong for its stunning skyline and metropolitan bustle, Lonely Planet recommends a November jaunt β€” when the "summer rains have gone, and the mercury has dropped" β€” for some unexpected hiking opportunities, including the Oxfam Trailwalker event in the middle of the month. Airfare deals can be had for as low $525 in November.

November: Marrakech, Morocco

November: Marrakech, Morocco Calin Stan/Shutterstock

Marrakech proves that you don't need beaches to take in plenty of winter sun, with November temps sticking to the low to mid-70s.

The old and new world collide among the outdoor markets, trendy dining, fashionable night clubs and low-key hiking. Despite the plethora of activities, hotels ripped straight from "Arabian Nights" often cost less than $100 in November. Just keep an eye out for common travel scams when visiting this destination.

December: Kahului, Maui, Hawaii

December: Kahului, Maui, Hawaii schoukse/Shutterstock

Here's a holiday surprise: When Thrillist teamed up with travel app Hopper to do a little research in late 2017, they found that Kahului was America's 10th-most discounted December destination, calling the sub-$600 flights "historically cheap." Maybe this year's Christmas miracle involves a little less snow than usual?

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January: Grand Canyon National Park

Start the year off with the inspiring majesty of the world's most famous canyon. Arizona temps are in the manageable 50s and usually sunny in mid-January, and the South Rim of the canyon is open year-round. Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day at the park with free admission, but make sure you avoid hidden expenses when visiting the Grand Canyon.

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