The beast is in us as the beyond

If there is resonance of words between the ratio of rooms would there be dematerialization of the door or wall in between the rooms due to two minds? A word processor has word wrap and that is the analogy of how we should be communicating--complementing for the exchange of thought with words due to a return at the end.

We are firing guns beyond to reach each other in war so the analogy is we are attempting to kill the beast in our minds since the beast is monitoring us from beyond and India and Pakistan should not be enemies.


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They (truth) does not care for the wound (anus) of the man because there is normally no pain there and we move about carefree. It is a wound that never healed. Because of this aloofness we are considered fools to them. They are not concerned about how IT (spirit) feels since they make love with the hole and that love is in memory as an unknown since it is a loss of force. They don't help IT to think when we have a communication exchange. This love is how they control us as the bias for force undetected since it is minimal. 

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I saw an interview with the singer Johnny Cash on CNN.  He said that he has a beast inside of him and he has to keep that beast chained every day. 

I think Mr. Trump may be representing Lucifer since he is so extravagant and flamboyant like a light of the AntiChrist that would come to give us hope. I am sorry for the person that he is using as a host body for his plans. I had an argument with my roommate's girlfriend today when she said that my friend Patricia had her sweater on. I asked her to ask the staff about IT and she got furious that I defended Patricia. Lucifer was working through her I think since she prevented me from stating my case with her overpowering mouth. She does not want me to have registration of my environment and communication with my mind as if she has no respect for me. Many people seem to have regard for their own intelligence only like the girls who seem sexual and are better looking and they act out by talking that way as if they are regulating us. I made an audio file with my voice to hopefully aid in destroying the antichrist that contains the name Allah and Krishna along with a hum from my nose and mixed all three sounds together. I was thinking about the Shiva lingam representation at the Amarnath temple in Kashmir, a land that the Muslims want but the Indian army are defending for India. What do we do about this major problem especially when the Muslims eat beef of a cow and the Hindus must despise. If the negroes are a result of Krishna or Christ being crucified on the cross then they may have suffered greatly and the Hindu religion deceives Hindus not to eat beef despite the suffering negro which life has taught us to hate when their possibly immense suffering overrides our conviction not to eat beef. If the Hindus eat beef then maybe as an agreement maybe the Muslims should eat pork. People, it is my belief that Krishna may have been turned black due to the crucifixion because be may have had so much pain that he ignited as fire because God was using his conscience for the pleasure of immoral love that consists of the soul and sodomy as he was dying. Today I believe they are using IT (the spirit) of the Earth to control and access the force of the physical Earth with the word in normal communication for power to empower God or the AntiChrist.


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Doing things for one's own SAKE is selfish and prevents IT (spirit) and nerves from knowing how to go back to check itself. In the civil rights movement the police got the dogs to sick the blacks by letting the dogs ignore the sake of the black man and got them to attack the soul. This is why dogs bark at us and want to attack us in todays society. The government is using their sake to do what they want--sake is an operator. You don't work for your sake you work for the sake of the people you work for, the customers. God does things for his sake and not ours but Jesus did things for our sake so I love him for that. Dogs must be retrained, especially police dogs. I wish people would stop their lying and tell the police the evidence that they need to fight crime and the corruption of the present conspiracy, a conspiracy they are part of. Now I may know why people ignore me and seem to want their way in effect. Using ones sake is how they control the soul of another and enables them to have IT follow them when they come and go. Remember that SAKE is an operation of the operator SAKE. The weather man makes our weather bad by giving the weather report his sake and not ours. When you make a phone call, which sake are you considering. Also beware of giving people the benefit of the doubt because Jesus did that and he was crucified people. Ever wonder why someone will get in an accident on the road; this is so prevalent in America. For whose sake is the teacher teaching in the classroom of a college or high school?

Conscience of Krishna: Apply integration interface of African dance to program of digital systems for auto-correction of physical movements association with thoughts to create correct logical operations of thoughts of human beings and aliens normalization. View video for feelings to accomplish this. Dance wrought control of soul (IT) of Earth for arrangement of physical distribution data of Brain Computer MC 10-2B on the moon Earth satellite. Initiating......



Redundant systems standing by 305

Mental state is BOMB/Fail Safe 7905 negative regulator National Semiconductors.

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