The 14 foods to eat when you have a stomachache

The 14 foods to eat when you have a stomachache

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  • Stomach aches can be brutal and hard to cure.
  • Bland food is best when trying to clear up a stomachache.
  • From crackers to apples, these are the foods you should eat when you have an upset stomach.

Do you know anyone who wants to keel over, crying out in pain from how horrible their stomach feels at the moment? No one? Right, exactly. Stomach aches are BRUTAL, especially when you're supposed to be having fun over a long weekend. In my case, that happened to be Thanksgiving last fall, during which I ate a horrendous bratwurst/hot dog concoction in Germany. It reared its ugly head when I discovered I contracted food poisoning on my flight to Barcelona the next day. Lovely. Luckily, my friends helped to cure me with the blandest of bland foods, and I became aware of what to eat with a stomach ache. Now as a survivor of blind faith in bratwurst, I'm here to assist with a list of what to eat when those stomach cramps finally hit. I apologize in advance.

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1. Bananas

This is the B in the BRAT diet that our moms encouraged us to follow when our tummies were hurting as youngsters. Bananas provide your body with some much-needed electrolytes to whip your GI tract back into shape. These yellow bunches also offer potassiumto aid your belly when it's been ravaged by diarrhea and/or vomiting. Hey, we've all been there guys. But this is real talk on how to ease your future pains.

5. Toast

5. Toast MaraZe/Shutterstock

Again, do NOT purchase whole grain, whole wheat, or multi-grain when your stomach is calling for an armistice in the war for its sanity. Instead, make sure to stick with bland carbs like white toast, aka the T in the BRAT diet. Very easily digested and not making any more rumblies in your tummy than necessary, toast also refrains from causing acid reflux. Be kind to your stomach, and skip the health diet for a day (or two).

9. Saltine crackers

9. Saltine crackers Shutterstock

Saltine crackers are recommended not only for what to eat with a stomach ache routinely, but also for women with morning sickness. We're on the lookout for foods that are easily digestible here, people, and Saltine crackers rank pretty highly up there—unless you have high cholesterol. Then, we'd vouch for a low-salt variation of Saltines if available at your local store.

14. Water

Most importantly, make sure you're drinking lots of water to flush out those toxins trying to damper your study abroad fun. No hostile German bratwurst should be able to rain on your parade charging towards prized Barcelona paella.

NO ONE wants a stomach ache ever. But they're inevitable. You never know when a German eatery will steer you wrong. At least now you know what to eat with a stomach ache and can halt the pain in its tracks sooner rather than later.

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