Thank Soulja Bai and ee smart ass Cabinet

Thank Soulja Bai and ee smart ass Cabinet

Apr 15, 2018 Dem Boys Seh, Features / Columnists, Kaieteur News, https://www.kaieteurnewsonline...e-smart-ass-cabinet/

“When our actions are based on good intentions, our souls have no regrets.” Dem boys read dat quote somewhere.

And whatever dem boys write here is always in good faith and with de best of intentions for a better Guyana.

De more dem boys listen to some of de leaders, de more dem convinced dat de leaders is dummies or dem corrupt to de core.

Examine Jordan, de Finance Man. Two days ago, he seh de country didn’t do well. He also seh dat de US$18M crumbs de country get fuh de signing bonus is getting interest.

He projected some big growth figures for de economy in 2015, 2016 and 2017. But de reality was far from what he predicted.

He come over as a fadda who tell his children how next month dem gun get chicken in abundance. When next month come, dem ain’t even see de feadder fuh de chicken much less de chicken.

De fadda again, de following month, tell he children dat chicken plus duck gun come plenty dis time, only to find out de kids can’t even find de neck.

De same thing he do de third month. De third month come and gone and dem pickney ain’t even hear a kak crow.

And he continues like dat month after month. How can you trust a fadda like dat?? Same thing wid de Finance Man. Year after year, he sending kak to de nation wah nobody can handle.

And to fool yuh more or mek yuh an idiot, as if yuh don’t know what is going on, he run round and tell yuh how de US$18M crumbs dem seh dem collect, is getting interest. Can yuh believe dis???

Dis man eyes pass dis nation fuh seh so. He gat de nerve to seh how de money invest in US treasuries and Canadian bonds.

Dem boys seh dat pittance is not money fuh put in US and Canadian interest bearing account.

Dem boys seh what yuh get is what yuh worth and certainty de nation worth more than de US$18M crumbs.

Dem worth US$18 Billion instead of US$18Million like wha dem give to odda countries. Dat is what he should be going for to develop infrastructure, to develop Guyana and de change wah leff back, he can put in de US and Canada accounts to get some real interest; Not those few coins, you dummy.

In a nut shell, what de oil company throw at Guyana and Jordan dem settle for, is a few bicycles wha gun bruk down going to Bourda Market.

Dem boys know had he and he govt did recognize wha de country worth, every Guyanese woulda receive a brand new Mercedes-Benz and a fat bank account.

If dem had an ounce of brain, Jordan wouldn’t be telling de nation how de economy struggling and ain’t meet de targets.

But de fools sell de country shart and got everybody living like beggars fuh de rest of dem life.

Talk half and thanks to Soulja Bai and he smart ass cabinet ministers.

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