Dear Editor,

Reference is made to the news item captioned `Teixeira mulling run for PPP/C’s presidential candidate’ (SN Jul 30). I wish her well.

There are several (officially and unofficially) declared candidates (those with more than a passing interest in the nomination). Some are electable and some completely unelectable.

In choosing its nominee, the PPP should focus on who is “electable” – who has the best chance of defeating the coalition APNU+AFC in the general election. There are a few names within the party and a few outside the party who have strong favorability ratings and who can defeat the coalition. It does not take brain science to know who is electable.

Anyone with an anti-American attitude or guilty of anti-Americanism or partook in an anti-American attack has no chance of winning a general elections. The US will not allow it unless there is redemption. Anti-Americanism contributed to the removal of the PPP from office in May 2015. The US does not have a short memory.

The PPP should select a nominee who is committed to strengthening relations with America and by extension Canada and the UK since these countries will largely determine the outcome of the elections.

Yours faithfully,

Vishnu Bisram