Neil did an excellent version there of Suzanne. Good stuff. I once had a cassette of Neil doing versions of songs written by others and the man did better than the original in most.

As much as I like his Hot August Night albun..Serenade is my favourite. I used to enjoy playing on guitar... "I've been this way before" also.  "And the grass won"t pay no mind"

I believe it was summer 1968, women were burning their bra and walking topless. Young people were moving around freely, many were draft dodgers from the US.

I was walking towards Vancouver's Stanley Park and stopped at a western burger restaurant.

A lady was selling autographed  LP for $2.00 and I was a broke student.

Later,  I discovered the lady was Anne Murray, it might have been her first album and I missed out.

My grandmother in Guyana was Mary Murray, thus forming a link with Anne and her music.  

Chameli posted:

i remember the first time my hubby bought a cassette with Anne Murray (of course this was 1983 and this country coolie never heard of Anne b4) so he wrote out the words after he played the songs and i did not get the lyrics of YOU NEEDED me...also my big GY homan pride was getting in the way of a man telling me to listen to YOU NEEDED me....caz i was ms independent and i did not want anyone to think i needed them...it took a while for me to really get the lyrics

If only we can turn the clock back  to remove our  emotional pain, life would be so much comforting.

On a recent trip to Asia, I photographed a 15 year old girl, who looks exactly like a 16  year old person I knew on WCD in the 1960s. It was also an emotional pain.

But it was not as bad as walking thru Vancouver Stanley park with a Danish date, when I tried to be romantic by saying what a beautiful moon  out tonight. Only to be corrected by my date,  that it was the street light through the trees.

Some emotional pain are hard to remove.

Being in my 20s  and while walking beside a gorgeous woman who looks like she taste like a Danish suga cake.  My mouth dry, hands sweaty and hormones working overtime, wid one only thing in mind. Its hard to think straight, more-so about shadows and light of what might be perceived as the moon.

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