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I want to install the Linux operating system (Ubuntu?) on my dad's windows 7 64bit desktop computer by DELL (Inspiron 580). It has 4gb of ram and a speed of 3.2 ghz. I am currently checking the internet on how to install it next to windows. I don't want to install windows 10 because the screen is not touch capable plus I don't want to buy a new computer. Will I still be able to use a printer designed for windows or a camera or Internet Explorer with Ubuntu installed? Are windows drivers going to work still, like for a printer or camera or the mouse? Will the Optimum or Cablevision modem and the Netgear router for wifi installed between the modem and the computer work still. Will I have to change from Windows Media Player to something else with Ubuntu installed? Does anyone recommend that I do something else? Support for windows 7 will end and I don't want this computer to be rendered useless.

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Your files will remain in the same format, but the application you use will change example, Office files will tend to use 'Open Office' rather than Office365 or just create and use Google Docs and upload them there.

Windows media player is not usable but the superior VLC player is the default on Ubuntu. The learning curve is a little steeper but if only using as  a netbook rather than a fully  fledged laptop you will be fine.

Duel boot -


Win10 but the principles are the same

Damn Lucifer just took the data I wrote and I have to do this over. In the second link  it seems like the British person does not want me to understand certain aspects of installing Linux because some words are not clear like the word for what he was saying I have to download. There's something about this thing call UEFI I have to understand on my dad's computer during installation of Linux? It has to do with boot order and file system and also partitions? I think I will go with the bootable DVD and not the flash drive option. They said check the integrity of the download before burning the ISO to DVD and I'm a little confused about putting the command in the folder of the downloaded files to check the ISO. Different videos on YouTube about Linux installation has different information and I cannot rely on one of them. I'm worried that I have to get drivers that are in linux format for the camera and the printer. How  am I going to do that?  The camera is a Microsoft life cam and the printer is a Canon MX 700 pixma. I noticed as I'm writing this the insertion point is acting weird by jumping and going to different positions and words or letters are being deleted as if they're trying to break up the intelligence. 

I'm not thinking of installing Linux mint instead of Ubuntu because I think Linux mint is easier. 

I successfully installed Linux mint and the printer was recognized. On a tangent, I realized that these people don't want to be responsible for our emotions although they interact with us here where I live. They don't want to create space in matter for alien memories. If they did the aliens would take control of the physical. They want our money that's it so they can control with intelligence. They had the spirit thinking for them when they had their education so that's why learning was easy. They are using likeability of my likeness to deceive.



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