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Dancing, hiking, biking, playing music among other essential night things are the means to staying young. I am on my way for a four mile trek....street trekking today. Going out to see the neighbor Halloween decorations. Lots of ghouls, goblins skeletons and graveyards has  sprung up everywhere. There is even an occasional careless witch splattered on trees!

cain posted:

I will be picking up snow shoes soon, a must for out here.

Still no snow here.  But carrying a 60 pound two-piece ladder to a pole  in  knee high snow,  snowshoes don't work well. 

Due to climate change, for the first time, one of our large rivers is completely dry and people could walk across. It might be hell to pay next summer with water, after a mind winter with little snow.

Plus huge forest fires again, after two summers in a row, that blanket nearby towns with smoke, ashes and darkness during the day.   

When we worked we stayed somewhat active, but during  retirement, we need to maintain some activity to stay healthy, as D2 said. 

Diet is also very important and sometimes serious consideration needs to take place, whether we should have some surgeries, or leave things as they are. Because our bodies are much older and much more difficult to heal, plus the medical procedure might make things worse. 

For example, having knee problems and using a walker, to having unsuccessful knee surgeries and  having to use a wheel chair.

Having saggy eye lids from eye surgery, to receiving forehead plastic surgery for lifting the eye lids,  with an inexperience eye doctor[plastic surgeon] and making our vision  much worse.

So sometimes leaving things as they are, is the best option, because we have no other choice to our bodies aging.   

GTAngler posted:
Mitwah posted:

Most of the time we are ageless. Perhaps we become aware of our age when we try to do things that we did 10 or perhaps 20 years ago.

Age is also a mindset. All through my 40s I felt young. I am going to be 50 next month and I suddenly seem to be more aware of my age.

I am few years pass fifty and look and feel young for my age. Diet, exercise, listening to music, spiritual activities, no drinking or smoking, volunteering and honestly hanging out with a younger crowd make me think and feel younger.

I am never aware of my age, think young and stay young. Planning for the children's future by bringing them into my businesses and letting them learn the ropes and preparing them for what they will inherit is a top priority right now.

You are as young as you feel.


Mitwah posted:

I hang out with older folks. Most time I am the youngest in the group. That's my secret to stay younger. As a musician I challenge my memory to be quick and retentive. It's take a bit longer with a new song these days.  I teach younger folks  riaz, ragas and praanam. 

Music is one of the best ways of keeping mentally fit. Add to that learning languages and participating in some creative arts. For most of my life I played the guitar by simply cramming chords and copying from others. About 15 years I began to study it and could kick myself for not doing so earlier. These days everything falls into place. I can find chords anywhere on the fret board when I want them. I know every note can anticipate what will sound best for the desired mood and can freestyle on in any scale in the style of classic blues to rock. I think I am complete with the theory. I know the practice will take a lifetime and I will play daily for as long as I can.

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