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Baseman posted:
ksazma posted:

Bai Base, if the Singapore is about developing a culture of collaboration and selfishness, it wouldn’t thrive in Guyana. 😀

Me know bai!  Duh wuh mi mean.  In Guyana, Blackman want ting fuh dem mattie, coolie want ting fuh coolie and dem Putagee want everything fuh Putageeze!😀😀

More like everyone wants things only fuh demself. 😀

Nehru posted:

If Ms Pestano said Vulga is the bestest than I am surprise and ashamed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey hey. Di gyaal seh duh two bestest and most qualified homans fuh prezzy wah Ms Volda and Ms Gail!  Dem two should be running gainst each odda!  But me tinks Ms Gail is Canadian!  And duh gyaal seh Janet only tun President becazz ah she man Cheddie!  Me guess the PNC was rite?

Is wuh you shame fuh?  Me tinks duh gyaal gatt wan point deh.  Especially wid all dem PNC QC peekle from Brooklyn watching!

Hey hey Sean would say!!

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