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November 11 ,2021


Special Committee overlooking PNC Nomination process - News Source Guyana

News Source understands that at a Central Executive Meeting of the party last evening, a decision was also made for some of the responsibilities of the General Secretary to be shifted to the Nomination Committee, which will include the General Secretary.

The Central Executive Committee of the People’s National Congress Reform has set up a special committee that is overseeing the nomination process for the party’s elections.

Friday 12th November is the official nomination day for the elections for the top positions in the party.

News Source understands that at a Central Executive Meeting of the party last evening, a decision was also made for some of the responsibilities of the General Secretary to be shifted to the Nomination Committee, which will include the General Secretary.

A party insider said the decision has effectively relieved the General Secretary of being the only person to receive nominations and overlook the nomination process.

A number of the party’s members who have offered themselves up for nominations had expressed concern about the General Secretary’s open support of one of the candidates seeking the leadership of the party. The issue was addressed at yesterday’s Central Executive Meeting.

Several party groups have already started to submit their nominations for the various positions that will be contested at the party’s December elections.

News Source understands that former General Secretary of the PNC, Aubrey Norton has received the blessings of party groups in almost all of the regions to become the next party leader.

PNC General Secretary Amna Ally

He Has picked up the support of the critical Georgetown district and from crucial party groups in Regions 2,3,4,5, 6 and 10.

Current Opposition Leader Joe Harmon has been eyeing support from some of the party’s overseas groups and he has put together a slate of his own that he wants to see supported and nominated to key positions in the party.
Many of the persons on Harmon’s list of candidates are parliamentary newcomers.

Former Party Chairman, Basil Williams has picked up the support of the party’s Sophia group to be nominated as Party Leader. It is expected that Williams will accept the nomination.
Another party executive member, Dr. Richard Van West Charles is also expected to be nominated for the position of party leader and move on to contest the others for the position.

From all indications, incumbent Leader David Granger has no plans of seeking a return to his office and has already started to move out his personal belongings from his office at the party’s headquarters in Sophia.

Mr. Granger proceeded on leave more than six weeks ago and would only emerge weekly to record his television programme, the Public Interest.
He has not made any public announcement on whether he intends to seek another term if nominated and he has also stayed away from publicly endorsing any of the party members who have started their campaign for the party’s leadership.

The PNC R Congress and Elections are set to take place on the 11th December.

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Sophia group to nominate Basil Williams for PNCR leader

November 11 ,2021



… Volda Lawrence for chairmanship 

Former Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Basil Williams has been nominated by the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) Group in Sophia to be the next leader of the party.

Nomination Day for the party internal elections is set for Friday.

Williams, who served as a Parliamentarian from 2003-2020, has a rich history in the PNCR.

He has been a member of the Central Executive  Committee of the party since 2001. He also served as Chairman Legal Affairs Committee between 2001 – 2003. Williams was also a member of the Joint Task Force on Local Government Reform (2001 – 2015; Director of Labour and Trade Unions, People’s National Congress Reform (2003 – 2015) ; Shadow Minister for Public Service Ministry (2003 – 2015); Shadow Minister for Ministry of Labour (2003 – 2015). Prior to his two terms as chairman he also served as Vice – Chairman  (2004 – 2012). Williams represented the  People’s National Congress Reform on the Rodney Commission of Inquiry (2014 – 2015); Linden Commission of Inquiry 2012. Wliams was also Coordinator of Trade Union for the party in the years 1984 – 1986.

Meanwhile, the group also wants former Minister of Health, Volda Lawrence to return as Chairman; and Annette Ferguson, Vice Chairman.

Dr. Richard Van West-Charles, who is also vying to become the next leader of the PNCR, was also endorsed by the group but to become one of the two Vice Chairpersons. Ronald Bulkan, a former minister under the David Granger Administration, was nominated treasurers.

Other nominees to make up the Central Executive Committee include Andre Marks-Mars, Winston Felix, David Granger, Robert Corbin, Vanessa Kissoon and Carol Joseph.

The much anticipated PNCR Biennial Congress is set for December. Aside from Williams and Dr. Van West-Charles, Executive Members Joseph Harmon and Aubrey Norton are contesting for the leadership of the party.


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