Soulja Bai got to get unbribable Ministers

Aug 10, 2018 Dem Boys Seh, News, Kaieteur News, https://www.kaieteurnewsonline...nbribable-ministers/

Soulja Bai mek people smile yesterday when he seh that he want an unbribable police commissioner. That is a good thing, because everybody know that people does pay bribe fuh mek some case disappear.

Dem boys seh that he should want de same kind of Ministers. He got to mek sure that he Ministers wouldn’t be tempted to tek money from any and every big business, especially from Exxon. Dat type of money is a real sweetener for some people.

Dem boys remember de Minister in Jagdeo government who tek a paper bag wid money from de Chinese. People see when de Chinee people go to ee office wid de paper bag, but dem didn’t know wha been inside till de rain wet de bag and de money fall out.

And when somebody got money dem does attract people. When a poor man living he don’t have friends or family. People don’t know him. Suh he end up in de Palms. But leh that same man win de lotto, he gun have more friends than he can count. Family who he didn’t know gun tun up. That is when people gun fight to carry him to dem house.

Guyana in that same position. When it was poor, people never use to want to come, not even if de plane ticket was fuh free. But suddenly Guyana find oil and de whole world brucking dem foot to come. Australian, Canadian, Chinese, Americans, Malaysians, everybody want to come.

And dem ain’t coming wid dem two lang hand. Dem offering to lend money. Dem ain’t wondering if Guyana can pay back, because dem intend to tek over de country by de time dem done. Soulja Bai got to learn to seh no to all dem offer.

He must remember when he didn’t have, nobody was giving anything.

He got to shake he head and keep he Ministers from dem people, because some of dem can tek bribe to mislead Soulja Bai just like how dem mislead him wid de Exxon contract.

Talk half and create some unbribable ministers.

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